Microsoft deems Apple's iPads kiddie tablets in hilarious new Surface Go ad (Video)

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Microsoft has pretty much been targeting Apple in its Surface commercials since the very birth of the popular Windows-powered product lineup, repeatedly billing Cortana as smarter and more useful than Siri, and attempting to dismantle the iPad Pro’s computer replacement ambitions in various clever ways.

But the latest iPad-bashing Microsoft ad might be the most brazen (and shamelessly hilarious) of all, basically calling Apple’s tablets glorified toys only witless kids could ever find a use for.

The holiday-themed 30-second video sees a 10-year-old girl singing a surprisingly well-arranged “remix” of the classic Elmo & Patsy Christmas song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, which itself is incredibly funny, especially if you already feel inundated by the same old cheesy carols.

Microsoft’s reimagining of the comical Randy Brooks-written lyrics include the little girl’s pleas for a Surface Go over an iPad, which may have been fine when the commercial’s charismatic star was six, but now she’s ten. And now she wants a “real computer” (oh snap) to help fulfill her “big dreams”, including doing “some coding.”

It’s fairly obvious the girl’s grandma (who was probably not run over by a reindeer) is convinced by the end of the musical request to indeed skip buying an iPad in favor of Microsoft’s smallest and cheapest Surface model.

As always, it’s unclear how many people out in the real world will see the ad and actually reconsider their purchase or general choice of portable computing software platform. But if you just want a good chuckle without thinking too much about the differences between Surface devices and iPads, Microsoft certainly delivers at that level.

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