Microsoft has a new Surface Go but no new Surface Pro lined up for its September 21 event

Microsoft has a new Surface Go but no new Surface Pro lined up for its September 21 event
If you're a tech enthusiast who likes to keep up with all of the industry's latest developments, innovations, and exciting new product announcements, you probably already know that you have some very busy weeks ahead of you.

But while Google and Apple's plans for their respective impending events have largely stopped being a secret a long time ago, Microsoft seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping its next-gen Surface devices under wraps. 

Of course, no tech giant can remain immune to the leaking powers of someone like WinFuture's Roland Quandt forever, as proven by the German publication's latest exclusive report (translated here). This reveals a lot of juicy information on not one and not two but three interesting Surface products expected to be unveiled on September 21 while suggesting (by omission) that Microsoft will not launch a fourth device that you may have been eagerly awaiting.

That's right, there's no word on a high-end Surface Pro 10 tablet, which may or may not come out early next year, leaving fans of portable computing machines with excellent productivity skills looking forward to the undoubtedly cheaper fourth-gen Surface Go instead.

It's unclear if this will actually be called Surface Go 4, mind you, and despite earlier rumors anticipating a switch from Intel processing power to ARM-based Snapdragon chips, Microsoft is now predicted to play it safe from that particular standpoint.

Yes, this year's upgraded Surface Go is likely to pack a quad-core Intel N200 SoC from the "Alder Lake N" family, which certainly sounds punchy enough for the new tablet's expected price range. 

How much you'll pay for your Surface Go 4 will obviously greatly depend on your preferred storage configuration from a fairly standard trio of 64, 128, and 256GB options. All three of these variants should be equipped with 4GB RAM, most likely featuring no important visual changes and kicking off commercial availability sometime in October.

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Between this and the relatively minor upgrades tipped for the Surface Laptop Go 2 and Surface Laptop Studio, Microsoft's September 21 shindig doesn't sound like an extremely exciting or glamorous affair, but perhaps the company will surprise us with a new edition of the Surface Pro after all. 
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