5G is not yet a thing, but LG already wants to lead 6G development

5G is not yet a thing, but LG already wants to lead 6G development
Like almost every other major smartphone vendor, from Samsung to Huawei to Xiaomi, LG is seemingly getting ready to bet big on 5G technology in an effort to resuscitate an overall shrinking market.

But while the company expects its mobile division to be able to record a profit at long last on the heels of the first 5G rollouts, the wheels are also being put in motion for what will come next.

That’s right, 6G development is already underway... kind of, with LG’s announcement (translated) of a dedicated research center located in the Yuseong District of Daejeon, South Korea. Obviously, LG isn't working on any actual 6G-enabled phones yet, aiming instead to “lead global standardization and secure new business creation opportunities.”

In partnership with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, LG Electronics wants to “prepare for the future industry”, estimating it will take about ten years to make the move from 5G to 6G possible.

Of course, 5G mobile speeds have to first become prevalent, which industry analysts don’t expect to happen for a few more years. Korea’s three major wireless service providers, including LG Electronics sister company LG U Plus, have already deployed their 4G LTE replacements, while stateside, carriers remain engaged in a battle of egos.

But LG is not letting its guard down, claiming it’s important to (further) improve the “competitiveness of Korea’s mobile communication technology.” It will definitely be interesting to see if the US wireless industry can catch up in time for the 6G rollouts of tomorrow.

At the same time, LG Mobile needs a couple of quick wins to stay in business long enough to take advantage of these upcoming developments and breakthroughs.

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