Lenovo's next Android tablet has something no Apple iPad currently offers

Lenovo's next Android tablet has something no Apple iPad currently offers
UPDATED: Yoga Pad Pro is apparently the name of Lenovo's first-ever Android tablet to be equipped with HDMI input, and in addition to that iPad-beating feature, the 13-incher will have top-notch 2K screen resolution going for it as well.

While it's not 100 percent guaranteed just yet, the presumably powerful Pro-branded slate could also come with 120Hz display refresh rate technology, in which case you should probably not expect a very similar price point to the mid-range Tab P11 or P11 Pro. Especially with a premium-sounding quad Dolby Atmos speaker system officially confirmed.

Intriguingly billed as your "portable TV", the otherwise mysterious Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro is set to be fully detailed and properly unveiled on May 24, at least in China. Our original story continues below.


Lenovo sure likes to keep things fresh, original, and diverse in its tablet lineup, which is one of the most expansive and versatile on the Apple-dominated market today.

That might explain why the China-based company was one of the world's fastest-growing tablet vendors both last year and during the first three months of this year, which in turn more than justifies the presence of the inexpensive but beautiful Lenovo Tab P11 Pro on our list of the best iPad Pro (2021) alternatives available right now.

Believe it or not, the always inventive tech giant may still have a few neat surprises up its sleeve, starting with an undoubtedly rapidly approaching new member of the Yoga family supporting HDMI connectivity.

Said unconventional feature is etched in stone, mind you, but alas, Lenovo seems intent on keeping everything else about this mysterious upcoming slate under wraps for the time being. We're not even 100 percent sure this thing is set to run Android on the software side of things, although that certainly feels like a safe bet.

What's far from guaranteed is the US availability of a product teased on Chinese social media, especially considering the fact there's only one Android-based Lenovo Yoga model you can currently buy on the company's official regional website.

Something tells us whatever Lenovo is cooking up here will end up costing quite a bit more than the $270 Yoga Smart Tab with built-in Google Assistant support. While it's definitely hard to predict a specific price point in the complete absence of other features, we also fully expect this bad boy to considerably undercut the obscene $2,500 Sony Xperia Pro handset with HDMI input.

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Unlike the Xperia Pro, which is primarily aimed at professional photographers and videographers looking for a powerful tool to transfer and live stream their content on the fly, Lenovo suggests its main focus area could be gaming.

With an HDMI port, the next Yoga-series device will be able to seamlessly connect to a Nintendo Switch console, for instance, supporting high-quality and silky smooth mobile games on an undoubtedly sharp display likely to measure at least 10 inches in diagonal.

That's something no best-selling iPad can do (no, not even the extravagant new 12.9-inch iPad Pro), and the same goes for Samsung's increasingly successful Galaxy Tab line, or for that matter, any other mainstream Android tablet we can currently think of. 

Full marks to Lenovo for constantly looking to reinvent itself and trying new things, even if we remain fearful of this particular product's potential pricing structure. Then again, this is the company that made one of the most affordable and well-balanced iPad Pro 11 rivals possible, so perhaps another low-cost miracle is not as unlikely as it seems.

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