Google delivers the final public beta version of Android 11

Google delivers the final public beta version of Android 11
The final beta version of Android 11 has been released by Google. If you wanted to install the beta on a Pixel 2 series through Pixel 4 series model, now would be the time since the next update, which could drop on September 8th, will be the final version. Outside of some small bugs and last-minute changes made by developers, today's release pretty much covers what you'll see with the final build. 

To install the Android 11 Public beta 3 update, go to and click on the "get the beta" box near the bottom of the page. You then need to click on the box titled "View your eligible devices." Tap on opt-in and you'll shortly receive notification of a software update. Download and install it to run Android 11 beta 3. Once you install the Android 11 beta on your phone, you must stick with it until September 8th, the rumored launch date of the final Android 11 version, unless you're willing to do a factory reset.

Android 11 features a new notification system and the Bubbles feature which allows you to multitask while engaged in a text. If your phone already has the Android 11 beta installed, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update and press the blue button on the bottom right of the display.

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