The difference between work and personal data is easier to see following changes made in Android 11

The difference between work and personal data is easier to see following changes made in Android 11
It used to be in the pre-pandemic days that we would have a separate place where we would go to work and another place for living the family life. Sure, you can claim that your home office (formerly known as the living room) fits the bill but how many times will your best customer put up with hearing the baby cry in the background or patiently wait for the dogs to stop barking in the before hanging up. Next thing you know, your company faces financial ruin because your customers are buying Spacely Sprockets instead of Cogwell's Cogs.

The point is, work is work no matter where your office is. You deal with different people, talk about different subjects, and you might use the same smartphone or tablet OS when communicating with customers as you do when talking to your spouse. According to 9to5Google, Google is adding a "Work" tab to several Android features in Android 11. For example, the "Work" tab will pop up along with the "Personal" tab on the share sheet. Opening the two tabs brings up a different set of people and apps that you can share with. Google notes that the tabs will also appear in Settings and in other Android "system components" to help users cross the profile boundary. In Settings, the two tabs will surface on Location, Storage, Accounts, and App info along with the "Open with..." menu.

One app that will be combining both "Work" and "Personal" will be Google Calendar. This will not only allow you to see your entire day at a glance but it will also allow you to view notifications from both the "Work" and "Home" profiles. Google plans on debuting this on the Pixel Launcher’s At A Glance widget and on the Google Calendar app.

Google notes that most apps today do not provide a clean and easy way to split data between work and home. The company believes that it has come up with the solution although you might have to wait for the release of the final build of Android 11 to find out.

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