The JBL Live 770NC drop to a new record-low price on Amazon, but only for a short while

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The JBL Live 770NC drop to a new record-low price on Amazon, but only for a short while
If you're looking for a quality headset and don't intend to spend over $150, Amazon's got you covered. It has launched a new deal on the exciting JBL Live 770NC, slashing prices for these $200 headphones by an impressive 29%! One thing to keep in mind, though – this markdown only applies to the model in Blue and won't be up for grabs for too long.

Save $57 on the JBL Live 770NC in Blue!

The JBL Live 770NC in Blue have dropped to their new best price on Amazon. Currently, this particular headset sells for 29% off, while all other color options are currently 25% cheaper. The deal on the version in Blue isn't matched by merchants like Best Buy, so you're definitely getting plenty of bang for your buck if you pick this deal!

At the time of writing, you get to save $57 on this headset. In case you're wondering, this is the highest price cut available on the JBL headphones so far. Previously, they were offered for $50 off. By the way, that's the same price cut currently available on other colors, in case you don't care much for the model in Blue.

These wireless Bluetooth headphones certainly can't beat the flagship Sony WH-1000XM5 or any other high-end model. However, they do tick all the boxes you could need from a sub-$150 set of headphones.

With good value for money, these puppies give you the JBL Signature Sound and even promise Spatial Audio. You get to enjoy bass-heavy audio and can pick from two listening modes, one for music and another for when you're gaming or streaming videos.

Aside from that, the JBL headphones offer True Adaptive Noise Canceling with Smart Ambient. As you can possibly guess, the ANC mode is meant to give you alone time with your music or podcasts, and turning on the Smart Ambient keeps you aware of your surroundings.

What's particularly impressive about these headphones is their battery life. According to JBL, you should get up to 65 hours with no ANC, which is a stellar result. With the special feature enabled, you can enjoy your favorite tunes for up to 50 hours! As if that's not enough, you have a remarkable fast-charging function that yields up to four hours of music from a quick five-minute rendezvous with the charger.

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While they're certainly no Sony or AirPods Max rivals, the JBL Live 770NC are no slouch, either. At their current price, they certainly offer more value for money than some of the best budget wireless headphones. Give them a try and score 29% off the model in Blue while Amazon's awesome deal is still active.

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