Isaak Asimov’s sci-fi epic “Foundation” debuts on Apple TV+ this September

Isaak Asimov’s sci-fi epic “Foundation” debuts on Apple TV+ this September
This September Apple TV+ subscribers will have the chance to dive into one of the most epic science-fiction series of all time - Isaak Asimov’s “Foundation.” Even if you’re not the typical sci-fi geek or bookworm, you probably know who Asimov is.

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Along with Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov was considered one of the "Big Three" science-fiction writers during his lifetime. He wrote more than 500 books, many of which are considered classics in the sci-fi genre, and the “Foundation” series is probably his best-known and most influential work.

So, long story short, you’re in for a treat this Autumn, because Apple TV+ is kicking off the show on September 24 with the first season getting ten episodes stretched across ten weeks.

“Foundation” follows the demise of a future Galactic Empire, predicted by Hary Seldon (starring Jared Harris) with the help of clever mathematical models. Seldon then creates the Foundations — two groups of scientists and engineers settled at opposite ends of the galaxy — tasked with the preservation of civilization during the Dark Ages that are about to follow. Check out the second teaser/trailer below:

The bad news is that Apple has slashed the trial period for TV+ from one year to three months (starting from July 1) but you can still plan your subscription accordingly. And after the enormous success of “The Expanse” sci-fi adaptation, maybe we’ll get to enjoy more epic space sagas in the future.

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