Severe lag discovered in some Pixel 2 XL models; Google will reportedly replace some units

Severe lag discovered in some Pixel 2 XL models; Google will reportedly replace some units
We've been hearing recently that some Google Pixel 2 XL users have seen their handsets slow down considerably to the point that they can hardly be used. Even a Google engineer who checked out at least one of the lagging units was said to be surprised with the sluggishness of the phone. Reports cite a slow down in the performance of animation and apps. For example, one user tried to open the camera on his Pixel 2 XL by double tapping the power button, and it took 10 seconds for the camera app to open.

According to an anonymous source, Google has come up with three possible reasons to explain why the Pixel 2 XL slows down. One of the three is worthy of a free replacement from Google. Unfortunately, the three reasons have not been made public. Long time Android users know that the platform does start slowing down after a period of time, but not to the extent where a seasoned Google engineer would be surprised by the extent of the lag.

Hopefully, Google does reveal more about this situation and lets Pixel 2 XL users know what to do if their phones start running in molasses. After all, yours truly just purchased a new Pixel 2 XL and it is used as my daily driver. It's only been a couple of weeks though, and so far there are no complaints.

If your Pixel 2 XL feels like it is running backwards, call Google support immediately.

UPDATE: After reaching out to Google for comment, we received the following statement: "We have teams who constantly manage and monitor performance on our devices and our data indicates this is not a widespread issue. Getting bug reports is a normal part of our process - as is common for most consumer devices. We use these to evaluate what might be wrong and work on any necessary fixes. We are still in the process of investigating this report so it is too early to draw conclusions." We still don't know what's causing the reported performance issues and whether Google plans to replace any misbehaving Pixel 2 XL units.

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