Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max's mute switch going away for real?

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max's mute switch going away for real?
Disclaimer: The phones in the header image are the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, for illustration purposes.

Name a more iconic duo than the mute slider than the iPhone! It's fine, I can wait. 

Sure, OnePlus has something similar for it with its flagship phones, but the iPhone did it first. Apple’s smartphones have rocked this nifty little key that just mutes everything ever since 2007 and it’d be pretty weird to have an iPhone without one.

In fact, we've already gotten a taste of what may come if that actually happens. Most of you probably remember that one time when OnePlus made a phone without an alert slider. And then half the internet users online lost their minds for a while. It was pretty cool.

Well, luckily, we won’t need to face such a future with the iPhone. But we’ll still have to adjust to change. Because the iPhone 15 Pro Max  may be aiming to mix things up. Well, as long as we can trust these leaked images of phone cases for the upcoming powerhouse Apple phone.

So, this comes from the short video posted on Twitter, which you can view above. The clip showcases the design of a protective case, allegedly destined to fit an iPhone 15 Pro Max. From it, we can get a feel for what the phone’s size may be, but it looks like the case is also indicative of a feature too.

Here’s the important bits, so make sure to read on:

  • New custom button layout
  • Bigger camera lenses

. The cutout, positioned where the mute slider has sat for the last sixteen years. Does it really seem different? Maybe. And if it was, that could be a possible indication that we're getting a new button for the iPhone 15. But regardless of what it ends up being, it better be able to function as a mute switch too! 

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This one has been rumored for a long time and has even been showcased in some renders that claim to be authentic. The word on the street is that Apple will let you set this magic all-in-one button up to do whatever you want, which should be great. As long as it can also mute stuff.

That one is pretty important.

And the latter, regarding bigger camera lenses — we can’t possibly be sure, since the cutouts themselves aren’t there yet, but it looks like they are bigger indeed. Another active rumor is that Apple is going to step-up its game with the camera array for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so this one makes sense too.

All in all? Great info, but we can’t be sure that it’s real, so as always: until Apple spills the Pro Max beans and lets us know what the latest iPhone looks like for real, we recommend applying salt grains.

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