iPhone 14 Pro owners report more problems with the camera

Early iPhone 14 Pro adopters report more problems with the camera
iPhone 14 bugs are piling up. Just yesterday, it was reported that the iPhone 14 Pro's camera doesn't play nicely with some third-party apps, and now a report says some buyers are encountering problems with the Camera app.

Several MacRumors readers have reported that the iPhone 14 Pro's Camera app takes around four to five seconds to load when it's opened. The issue only happens if you open the camera after having closed it, meaning it occurs when the Camera app is running in the background.

Otherwise, if you manually close the Camera app and then reopen it, or restart the phone and then start the camera app, you will likely not run into this problem. It also doesn't happen when the app is set to video mode.

This does not seem to be a widespread issue though and doesn't necessarily happen every time the Camera app is launched. It only seems to affect iPhone 14 Pro‌ and Pro Max users. Third-party camera apps have not been impacted and the iOS 16.0.1 update doesn't contain a fix for it. 

Factory resetting the phones doesn't help and even restarting them is not a permanent solution. One affected user theorizes that this might be a RAM management issue.

The iPhone 14 Pro camera bug is the latest in a line of issues early adopters have discovered

It has barely been a week since the iPhone 14's launch and a host of problems have already been reported, making this one of the most bug-riddled launches. 

Many iPhone 14 Pro users have complained and posted video evidence that the cameras make a rattling and grinding noise and the main camera lens vibrates uncontrollably when recording video using third-party apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, resulting in shaky clips. Apple Store gave YouTuber Luke Miani a new unit after he faced the issue and noticed it affected the ability of the lens to focus properly.

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Apple has confirmed to Engadget that an update will be rolled out next week to fix it.

Early iPhone 14 adopters also experienced other bugs such as the Pro models freezing after a data transfer and not receiving iMessage or FaceTime calls. Some of these issues were taken care of by the recent iOS 16.0.1 update.

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