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iPhone 14 might have elements of Samsung's coveted folded zoom technology

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iPhone 14 might have elements of Samsung's coveted folded zoom technology
A fresh report out of South Korea reiterates yet again that the 2022 iPhone, which will presumably be called the iPhone 14, will feature a periscope camera.

The report primarily revolves around magnetic electronic components maker Jahwa Electronics who is expected to supply optical image stabilization (OIS) actuators with integrated auto-focus (AF) to Apple for iPhone 14's telephoto camera.

Periscope is a term used to describe a folded camera structure that uses a prism or mirror in the middle of the lens to reflect light. The system allows smartphone makers to enhance optical zoom without having to increase the thickness of a smartphone or the camera bump.

Jahwa has previously also worked with Samsung but it now aims to focus more on the development of OIS and AF components.

Samsung isn't interested in selling its periscope cameras to Apple

It is believed that Samsung owns the key patents related to folded zoom cameras and thus, Jahwa will supposedly be required to seek approval from the chaebol. The company's OIS tech was also developed in collaboration with Samsung.

Samsung has been using its folded zoom technology since last year and a November 2020 report said that Apple was interested in procuring periscope lens from the South Korean giant for its future iPhones.
At that time, Samsung was expected to turn down Apple's request in order to maintain a competitive edge with its premium Galaxy smartphones.

Regardless, since many of the main patents are held by Samsung and people privy to the matter believe Apple can't proceed without using the patents, it's likely that iPhone 14's periscope camera will have some elements of Samsung's folded zoom technology. The patents were allegedly also a barrier to Apple's in-house periscope camera system development ambitions.

It's possible that Apple will ask its camera module supplier LG Innotek to get some components from Samsung Electro-Mechanics to avoid patent infringement risks.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best optical zoom of any iPhone, with the phone being able to zoom in 2.5times. At the moment, at least one iPhone 14 model is rumored to come with a periscope telephoto lens. The Pro models may also adopt a Samsung-like pinhole design and the highest-end variant could get a 48MP camera sensor. A 3nm chipset is also likely.

In any case, it's too soon to talk about the iPhone 14, and for now, all eyes are on the iPhone 13, which sounds like one of the most promising upcoming phones of the year.

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