You can get an iPhone 13 Pro engraved with a gold QR code

You can get an iPhone 13 Pro engraved with a gold QR code
Caviar, a Russian luxury phone and phone accessory brand, has just come out with an ingenious design mod of the iPhone 13 Pro (and iPhone 13 Pro Max), that includes a personal QR code engraved straight on the phone's back. Engraved in gold-plated titanium, that is.

The QR code-backed iPhone 13 collection is dubbed "Digital Signature," and is already available for sale on Caviar's site.

The series caters to the the new post-pandemic culture, where in many places throughout the West, a valid passport or QR code is required to enter the majority of public facilities, such as restaurants, gyms, cafes, stores, and the like. 

Plenty of regular folk have taken to putting their own COVID certificate on their lock screen or home screen, to facilitate the necessary evil of displaying it to security at the door of most public places they enter.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to engrave the QR code for your vaccine passport on Caviar's iPhone 13—you are allowed to encrypt literally any information that you want on the gold-titanium back plating.

There are three different versions of the luxury iPhone available, as part of the "Digital Signature" series: QRMATRIX, BLACK CARD, and GOLDEN CARD.

QRMATRICKS, with its unique design of cascading bits of an information matrix, comes with a price tag of $6,370.

Caviar's BLACK CARD pricing is slightly lower, considering it bears a tad less gold plating than its counterparts. It is being sold for $6,220 on Caviar's site.

This "GOLDEN CARD" version is the most expensive of them all, selling for the truly insane price tag of $35,370 and $39,980—for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, respectively. 

The body is made of satin-finished black PVD-coated titanium, decorated with gold-laser engravings, and sporting the phone's model information and unique phone number on the side to boot. Caviar has announced that it will be producing only 19 copies of this Pro Max model in total.

As it is, these dazzling creations will remain mere eye candy for the majority of us. It's not like the company created these luxurious iPhone mods to be best-sellers—more like a fashion statement, screaming utter coolness and unattainability.

While it isn't clear exactly how many of these iPhone 13 Pro models will be crafted and sold in total—well, the Caviar brand does feature "royalty" in the name, so we can only guess.

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