iPhone 13 order wait times are finally improving

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iPhone 13 order wait times are finally improving
Apple has definitely been feeling the effects of the worldwide chipset shortage lately, with many customers waiting over a month to receive their iPhone 13 Pro models from the time of order, even nearly seven weeks after the flagships' official release date.

However, a recent report from Apple Insider (based on a JP Morgan note to investors) suggests things may finally be looking up, as Apple's iPhone 13 lead times (the time it takes for a product to reach its buyer) have seen a notable reduction over the past few days.

iPhone 13 order wait times in the United States

American buyers (who make up 35% of all iPhone orders) of the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 models can now expect to wait 11 days for the package to reach their doorstep. 

If you're ordering any of the premium Pro models (iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max), the lead times are still a bit disappointing, sitting at 28 days for customers to receive their order.

iPhone 13 order wait times in Europe

The average lead times in various regions of Europe (it isn't clear which ones), which included in the investor note, are estimated to be 12 to 13 days for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, and a rather disapopinting 32 days for the Pro models. At least it's better than 37, which is where lead times sat previously.

iPhone 13 order wait times in China

The wait times in China, where iPhone shipments constitute 15% of total orders, are the worst on the chart. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 currently take 15-19 days to reach their customers, which has actually worsened from what was previously 10-14 days. The Pro models are also taking 5 days longer, sitting at 45 days currently.

iPhone 13 order wait times in the U.K. and Germany

Lead times in these two countries clock in at 11 days for the iPhone 13 and the 13 mini (same as the U.S.), and 25 days for the Pro models in the U.K.—boasting the lowest lead times on the chart right now. Germany is waiting slightly longer for the premium models, or an average of 29 days.

Tim Cook has lamented the fact that the reason for these unusually frustrating order wait times, is something that's completely out of Apple's control—namely the dire shortage of semiconductor chips currently being manufactured across the industry. The shortage of this crucial component is not only seriously affecting iPhones, but the production of tablets, laptops, consoles, computer graphics cards, automobiles, and other electronics that require semiconductor chips. 

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