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iPhone 12 camera cannot be replaced by unauthorized technicians: iFixit

iPhone 12 camera cannot be replaced by unauthorized technicians: iFixit
Apple seems to be discouraging unauthorized camera repairs on the iPhone 12, according to repair-centric website iFixit.

The publication reached this conclusion after rigorous testing, and it says its findings are consistent with that of various repair technicians and YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys.

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The outlet notes that iPhone 12's camera doesn't work as it should when it is swapped between different models. Expanding on the findings, iFixit says that the camera seems to work on launch but its behavior gets erratic thereafter.

Apple’s internal training guide apparently says that the company's System Configuration app, which is only available to authorized technicians, would be needed to fully repair the camera and the screen. 

The website notes that this wasn't the case in the past. 

Thus, it seems that beginning with the iPhone 12, Apple is vehemently discouraging third-party camera and screen repairs.

That doesn't necessarily mean an iPhone camera or display will not work if you don't get it serviced by an unofficial technician. In fact, iFixit says that the iPhone 12 Pro had no issues and worked fine.

Nonetheless, it is still a cause of concern, and even if you manage to replace a component, the repaired device may show a warning that it is not genuine even if it is. This could put users at unease and dissuade independent repair. 

iPhone 12 camera replacement issue could be a bug 

Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple does not bundle a charger and EarPods with its phones, claiming they are wasteful. The company also says it intends to make repairs more convenient as a part of its environmental goals. There are apparently one billion active iPhones out there and if the company is actually serious about reducing the negative impact its products have on the environment, locking out independent repairs doesn't make sense. 

That said, AppleInsider notes that 'the camera is increasingly tied to the SoC for computational photography,' and this could be the reason why Apple requires official software authorization for camera replacement. iFixit also suspects that the inconsistent behavior it noticed could be a bug and Apple is going to be in touch with the company regarding its findings.

The publication had earlier reported that the iPhone 12 is a pretty repairable device with easily accessible components.
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