Survey reveals strong interest in iPhone 12 from Android users but not because of the phone itself

Survey reveals strong interest in iPhone 12 from Android users but not because of the phone itself
Statistically, 350 million out of the 950 million iPhones out there are due for an upgrade and top that off with the fact that the iPhone 12 will be the first 5G-enabled iPhone, and sales prospects are already looking bright

Would the new iPhone also move the needle for Android users? Online marketplace SellCell recently set out to find just that and the findings are quite interesting.

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The website surveyed 2000 US-based Android users to assess if camp loyalty is under threat and 33 percent of the respondents said the iPhone 12 could be their next device.

The new series will be powered by the A14 Bionic and it will likely be available in three sizes. The highest-end models are tipped to sport a triple camera setup with a LiDar scanner and OLED screen will be standard.

The iPhone 12 will likely not offer features that are now common on most Android flagships, such as a high refresh rate display and an in-display fingerprint scanner. What, then, would make Android users switch?

Turns out, it has more to do with iOS than the iPhone 12.

Around 56 percent of the respondents might consider the iPhone 12 because of longer software support. 

Most Android manufacturers offer 2 years of OS updates. In contrast, Apple hasn't ditched even 2015's iPhone 6S yet.

48.8 percent of the survey participants said they might buy the iPhone 12 because of better privacy protection. 

Now, these two reasons are more tied to iOS than Apple's next phone, and if you are wondering what rumored iPhone 12 features would make Android users upgrade, compact factor comes out at the top. To recap, the entry-level model, which will apparently be known as the iPhone 12 mini, will likely sport a 5.4-inches screen. 

Unsurprisingly, 48 percent of the respondents said they would buy the iPhone 12 mini if they upgrade. Price is a key determinant for a third of the 2000 Android smartphone owners polled. The iPhone 12 could start as low as $649, which certainly sounds appealing given that even the not-so-flagship Google Pixel 5 costs $699 in the US.

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Only 24.7 percent would make a switch because of iPhone 12's alleged specifications.

At the end of the day, the sample size of the survey is not big enough to make any inferences but it suggests that software support and dimensions are now about as important as a decked-out specs sheet.


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