iOS 15: these are the features you won’t be getting yet

iOS 15: these are the features you won’t be getting yet
During the “California Streaming” event, Apple announced that iOS 15 will be arriving on iPhones on September 20. Well, the announced date is finally here and we are ready to update, but it seems the Cupertino tech giant is not.

On the page describing all new iOS 15 features, Apple has marked some of them as “coming later this fall” or “available late 2021”. Among some of them are Find My network support for AirPods, ID in Wallet, SharePlay, the Digital Legacy program, and more.

All of the aforementioned features are some of the most anticipated ones coming with iOS 15, which is why it is a bit disappointing we won’t be getting them on launch.

iOS 15 features explained

Find My network support for AirPods

Let us begin with arguably one of the most hyped new features that iOS15 is bringing to the iPhone—Find My support for AirPods. First of all, it is important to clarify that this feature will only work with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, so don’t hold your breath if you are rocking the regular ones.

The Find My network works by letting Apple devices “talk to each other.” If you happened to lose your AirPods, every time another Apple device entered close proximity with them you would get notified of their approximate location.

The signal is sent to you securely and privately. Once in range, you can start using your Bluetooth to play a sound and locate them.

ID in Wallet

Next in line, we have ID in Wallet—a feature that lets you add your state ID and driver’s license to Apple’s Wallet app. Adding either of the two documents will be as simple as adding a credit card or transit pass to Wallet. All you need to do is tap the + button at the top of the screen.


SharePlay is a new feature coming with iOS 15 that allows iPhone users to share any type of content such as music, video, or whatever else is on your screen while in a FaceTime call.

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When listening or watching something together, all participants can access the controls. You can even continue playing the content on your TV to free up screen space on your phone.

Digital Legacy program

The Digital Legacy program is basically the addition of a trustee list, to which you can add people that you trust with your information in the event of your passing.

Apple is yet to explain the delay of these new features. iOS 15 is coming today, September 20, and all iPhones that supported iOS 14 will also support the new version. WatchOS 8, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15 are also going to be released today.

The only one that is left now is macOS Monterey, which will probably get announced alongside the expected new Macbooks that are supposedly coming sometime in October.

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