Instagram will require video selfies for registration to prevent bot-generated accounts

Instagram will require video selfies for registration to prevent bot-generated accounts
To fight fake accounts and spambots, Instagram is now going to start collecting video selfies as a part of a new user authentication system, reports Android Police. This new feature should cut down on the number of spambots that have been plaguing the ecosystem.

Instagram video selfie authentication system rolling out

The new account registration step was first spotted by media consultant Matt Navarra. This step requires the user to take a video of themselves turning their head around, to confirm that they are a real person. This is a security measure and the video clip you send upon registration won't be visible anywhere on the platform and will be deleted from Instagram's servers within 30 days. Additionally, it won't use face recognition or collect biometric data.

The goal of the new authentication system is to prevent bot farms from generating Instagram accounts in bulk, and it may be good enough unless the AI doesn't do a good job of detecting computer-generated facial animations. On the other hand, you will still be able to create multiple accounts on the social media platform.

That's not something entirely new though. Dating apps like Tinder for example require people who want to register to take pictures of their face from multiple angles as a form of an authentication process. However, video selfies might give the AI systems more data to work with, and should be overall even more secure in detecting fake bot-created accounts.

At the moment, it seems this feature has not rolled out globally yet, but it might be rolled out sooner rather than later.

Instagram has been working on more interesting features to enrich the experience on the platform

Recently, we reported on the fact that Instagram is now working on introducing a 'Like' option of Stories on Instagram. Until now, you only had a somewhat limited number of ways you can react to your friends' Instagram Stores: you could "Quick react" with a swipe up with a select group of emojis, or you could also send a GIF or a written message.

However, liking a Story is quite the basic feature that was missing on Instagram until now. It seems that the social media giant is working on finally adding this feature. Quite understandably, of course, as Instagram Stories are available on the platform only for 24 hours, the likes and any reactions to them will disappear after this period as well.

Additionally, according to reverse-engineer and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram "Live" broadcast hosts will be getting the option to add moderators to their live streams. This will help monitor the feed and the chat for the live stream in check.

On the other hand, Instagram has also been working on helping content creators add more content for its Reels section, a short video section reminiscent of the crazy-popular TikTok.

The company is now giving a bonus to content creators who post short videos on Reels. The chance gives you the possibility to earn up to $10,000; however, the bonus program rules aren't very clear to users at the moment. For example, a creator with more than 50,000 followers earned just $1,000 in a month, but some people with more followers earned less: around $600. Other creators stated they were offered $800 if they reached 1.7 million views on all Reels posted in a month, so it seems it's not only the subscriber count that counts for the bonus but the views as well.

Another useful feature Instagram will be getting is actually, a warning to "Take a Break" from it. It will be helpful for users who suffer from smartphone addiction.

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