Instagram to bring mods to Lives, 'likes' for Stories

Instagram to allow mods on live video, 'likes' for disappearing stories
Instagram is going to be adding some welcome new features to the platform in the coming future, according to recent findings from Italian self-proclaimed reverse-engineer and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi. 

Paluzzi has always enjoyed tearing down beta APK releases of Instagram, Snapchat, as well as other apps to get an early glimpse of future updates, and this time is no exception. His most recent foray into Instagram's code has revealed that Instagram is about to implement a "like" option for Instagram Stories, among other things. 

Until now, Instagram has only given users the ability to react in a number of ways to people's Insta Stories, which is different to a regular thumbs up or a like. By swiping up from the bottom of a Story screen, for example, you could "quick react," or choose from a predetermined group of emojis to react with. 

You could also react to the Story by sending a GIF or a written message. However, what is probably the most basic function of all—being able to "smash that like button"—has surprisingly taken this long to appear. For the record, once the Stories have been up for 24 hours, any likes or reactions sent disappear along with them.

Aside from the ability to "like" Stories, Paluzzi has also unearthed an upcoming ability for Instagram "Live" broadcast hosts to add moderators to their streams, to monitor the feed and keep the chat in check. 

Reportedly, hosts will only be able to have one moderator per Live video. This person will have to be chosen from the "Who's Watching" list, and will receive full permission to moderate comments (naturally), as well as turn questions on/off and manage requests to go live.

It was also Alessandrio Paluzzi who caught on to many upcoming Instagram features in the past before anyone else did, such as an "Exclusive Stories" feature, an NFT Collectibles feature (which still hasn't come out), the Insights analytics tool, and many more.  

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