iSteve: the legacy of Steve Jobs in products

iSteve: the legacy of Steve Jobs in products
Steve Jobs has passed away, but his legacy remains in his products, impersonating the vision and ideas of one of the greatest tech innovators of our time. Some will remember him for the incredibly thin MacBook Air introduced in 2008, some will relate to him when they look at their iPods, some will cherish the unique experience of a tablet with the iPad, but we at, PhoneArena, will most certainly never forget the iPhone.

It’s the device that changed the industry from the ground up putting a truly usable personal computer in your pocket for the first time. Unveiled back in 2007, it was ignored by the industry’s big at the time, including Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson among others. A mistake which cost them market share, job cuts and shook their very foundations.

There are many people behind those products: Jonathan Ive is probably the most important figure with his Dieter Rams inspired minimalistic designs, but so is Phil Schiller with his marketing pitch, and Scott Forstall pushing iOS software. There are many more faces that we don’t see behind an Apple product, but there has always been one to unite them - Steve Jobs.

iMac, 1998
After getting back to Apple in 1997, Jobs looked for a product. He was quick to bring his experience from NeXT Computers, the company he headed beforehand, but he also listened to ideas and ideas came from Jonathan Ive. The result was the iMac. A computer which stuns us with its unique, “unashamadly plastic,” translucent body and a mind boggling handle even today, in an era of everything getting thinner. 

iPod, 2001
Even that handle on the iMac back in 1998 signaled something about Apple’s ambition towards mobile. The iMac could be carried around, but Steve Jobs realized that at the time most people wanted to have their music with them, not the whole computer. The iPod changed this from the ground up and you can see look back in the time to see how it stacked up against the rest of CD and Flash-based players.

Mac mini, 2005
As the iPod was getting better, the PC industry was marching forward increasing clock speeds and working on adding more cores. With plenty of manufacturers making Windows computers, diversity was flourishing in Windows land, but for Mac users, the choice was limited to expensive devices only. That’s when the Mac mini, another bet for portability was introduced by Steve Jobs. You could clearly see the trend by now - design was put in the front at Apple, right along with performance.

MacBook Pro, 2006
The MacBook Pro succeeded and replaced the PowerBook and was one of the key models in Apple’s switch to Intel x86 processors from PowerPC chips. The Pro had a similar design to the Powerbook, but introduced one of the smartest power plugs, the magnetic MagSafe which would safely disconnect when you trip over the cable.

iPhone, 2007
The first iPhone was Apple’s biggest moment bringing together its software and hardware insights into a single product. After a disappointing partnership with Motorola over the Rokr iTunes phone, Steve Jobs put his bets on Apple alone for making the phone, even though the company had no experience in the phone industry. Jobs was the key dreamer behind the multitouch display on a phone, a device that - we’d dare say - changed the course of computing.

MacBook Air, 2008
Then came the MacBook Air, thinner than the thinnest notebook on the market. Apple’s captain himself had a hard time figuring out how the engineers and designers managed to put a Mac inside such a thin body.

iPad, 2010
Finally, the iPad arrived. Later, it was revealed that a multitouch tablet was probably an idea preceding the iPhone, but Jobs could only make it a reality in 2010. While the iPhone put another personal computer in our pockets, the iPad touched on the future of the personal computer altogether. It ushered us into Apple’s dream “post-PC world,” in which we’re already living now.

What's next?
We can’t imagine a workaholic like Jobs not working on something until his very last days, and we expect it to show in the coming years. Be it the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 or whatever comes next. Sadly, that’s where iSteve left us. On the entrance of that “post-PC” world of possibilities, passing the baton of innovation to us and urging us to look forward, “to stay hungry, stay foolish.”



47. Problacklist.One

Posts: 15; Member since: Dec 01, 2010

So Basically this Attention Hungry Fool Dies and The Whole World is in Shock. What about the People who lost their lives while working at a factory where his iCrap is Made. Here Comes Angry Apple Fan boys and Followers of Steve Jobs

46. Keling Chai unregistered

Go to hell Steve Jobs

44. niharparmar

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 15, 2011

Its obvious that people have different opinion for a person and his work - after all its based on their perception. The thing is - fact remains : After each release of Any new Product from Apple - Almost every company has tried to copy it. Remember, technology is not everything the presentation is also very important. Gold is presented much beautifully by Goldsmith. Design creativity is essential - Steve Jobs Did it very nicely Better then anyone else - In this amazingly huge competitive market - That also without any compromise. He was a genius for sure. He is a milestone in history of world - Doesn't matter what anybody says. May the creativity flourish as 'Steve Jobs' dreamed of.

43. Gary D unregistered

Get it through your heads people Steve Jobs never invented anything. He simply took existing devices and inventions made them flashy and new again only to resell them at a higher margin, of course assembled by underpaid workers in China. All he did was Market devices to the masses, sure he may have a hand in the original macs but nothing more after that. His genius is creating the zombies we call Apple Fanboys, yet so vicious and very much in denial. They simply deny the fact that they comment aggressively to other fans such as Androids. Steve Jobs will never ever be in the same league as Ford, Edison, Einstein etc. simply because he didn't create or invent anything that this world haven't seen before. Again what he has created is a new look to existing devices and marketed them as being magical, nothing more nothing less.

42. tshangan unregistered

Come on guys !!! Please stop talking great about Jobs. He is one other business man, making profits. He did not do anything great for the world or the people. I sympathise for his dead. But it happens to every human. What is he special about. Dont paint a wrong picture about Jobs. Whatever I heard and read about him, he is not a lovable person. PERIOD.

41. Siew Pek Shen unregistered

Ha ha ha ...He be remembered coz he is not only a tech brilliant but he is an American. How if he is a tech genius and he is a Chinese. I don't thin he will be remembered. I'm sad not coz Steve Jobs death but I'm sad that he is not live to see the Asian ( Chinese and Indian ) genius will beat him. There a lot Asian people that more brilliant than he is but some of them don't have an oppurtunity or just been a worker to Apple or Android.

40. hammad unregistered

for america there were steve Jobs ,steve Cash,steve Hopes. Now they realise that they have no job, no cash, no hope

39. Luci unregistered

A lot of respect from me!!! I just wish condolences to his family and close friends, for they have lost a big part of their world, as we all do when faced with tragic loss of a loved one.

38. Luci unregistered

I did have Apple products in the past, and i loved them. The only product i did not see a point is the Iphone, after the aperance of Android on the market. That is not important!!! Stop the fight for a moment, between Apple and Samsung. Stop and look around, Probably the sharpest mind in the tech world has just left us, a person to who we owe a lot of respect for what he did, what he has shown us over the years. I use a Samsung phone with android, but that does not make me blind, i can see what a gread men was Steve Jobs. I had, i have and i will probably always admire the kind of man that he was. I still can't quite belive that he is gone, i want to see him up on that stage and i want him to show us the Iphone 5. As a close friend of mine said after the last Apple presentation of the Iphone 4S, Without Steve Jobs, Apple are just changeing letters and not numbers (as a hint to the S after the 4). You will be missed Steve Jobs, by everyone!!! I can only hope that when it will be my time, i will have the privilege of seeing him again.

34. googleccd unregistered

Whats next? He dies.

33. Anrobot unregistered

As this Steve Jobs pass away, it's the time for the Google Android to be no one. Hope there is no other mobile company sue other mobile company after his gone. Come on Android boys don't be so sympetatic for this guy. I know he has brought a world technology for mobile but look what he done to Android example Samsung Galaxy Tab???????? He just one to create a Monopoly on Mobile device, MP3 and MP4 player. It's their (Apple) revenge since 2004 after a lot of mobile cell phone that has MP3 player where most of them can beat the Ipod., then Apple try to find the solutions by creating the Smart Phone to beat ( to make a revenge) all the device by thinking for a few years for finding solutions (IOS). Thank Google just need less than Apple to find the Android OS. So it's time for Android to over take Apple.

27. Jjee unregistered

Don’t be sad about steves death, he is in first class apartment in Heaven and planning to do something even bigger.


Posts: 78; Member since: Sep 28, 2011

I am very sad he died. I hope Tim can carry on the legacy and originality of steve jobs. He was innovative and brilliant. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

21. xfgbdf

Posts: 12; Member since: Sep 30, 2011

Steve Jobs was a man that I never personally knew and sadly, I will never meet. I have trouble explaining the emotional impact of his death on me personally. I'm just one of millions of over obsessed Apple fanboys, but he really did mean something to me. I'm young and he has really been a great role model for me, despite whatever personal problems he had. How many people can get fired from a company they started and then still have it in them to come back and make it the company it is today. He isn't my role model because he is rich or influential, but because he could create these products that have had such a huge impact and ones that people can really appreciate. He has also been a major part of the relationship between my father and I. Both of us are tech geeks and when I'm away from him for periods of time (with my mom) we always make sure to send each other articles (usually from Engadget) about the latest gadgets or Apple products. He used to be a hardcore PC user, stating that "Macs are for kids and people who can't use computers." That all changed when I brought the first Apple product into our house, the iPod. Today, he has an iPod, an iPad, a Macbook Air, and wears an Apple shirt to work every day. The day that Steve Jobs resigned, we sat together reader his letter in silence. We couldn't find any words for it...we couldn't explain why it was such a big deal to us, but it was. Last night, my dad walked into my room looking very solemn and serious. I could tell something was wrong immediately and all he said to me before he walked away were three words, "Jobs is dead." He frowned and looked right at me and I began to cry. That's all he needed to say, we knew what it meant for us, Apple, and for the world. His death is a huge loss for everyone, whether they know it or not, whether they care or not. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write this, but the best thing I can think of is that his death is something that we all share in common, something personal. Call me stupid or over emotional or a fanboy all you want. This isn't about me, it's about Jobs. I want to respect him and I ask that you respect him too. My condolences to Steve's family and friends, and I wish the best Tim Cook and Apple in the coming years.

37. coolass unregistered

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!? people get so caught up with these products and theyre emotions get crossed. This is exactly what these secret societies want. they want you to be looking the other way while they plot on takin over everything, what do we do whenever we purchase something apple???? not only do we make them more powerful but we spend less time with what we really need which is not ipads, ipods, iphones, mackbooks, you get more far and far from knowing your inner you, not what you think but what you can be capaple of, i bet you anything steve jobs never had the time to play w- his ipad why¡????? its ot that he didnt need it he basically used it as a tool to get YOUR MONEY, YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME.

20. Really????????? unregistered

yes im sad hes dead but remove your blinders because im pretty sure RIM, Nokia, and Palm would have something to say about steve jobs creating a "smartphone war"...

17. Really? unregistered

What is wrong with you guys? Since when is developing and marketing "shiny toys" that revolutionize the way humans go through their daily routines and help promote competition by bringing out Android and other operating systems NOT great? He essentially started the smart phone war when he introduced the iphone. Whoever thinks different is an arogant f tard who clearly is biased towards one opinion and cannot show compassion / credit where credit is due and thats why you all will only make minimum wage instead of doing great things yourself. He wS no Apollo, but what he did for the technical world is femarkable.

16. jacko unregistered

tbh im sick of hearing it his dead no need to post 100 things over over and over again god

12. xxverbaIxx unregistered

Steve Jobs his dead and people are insane. Newsflash: Steve Jobs was a ruthless businessman and a snob. He didn't do "great" things. He helped develop and market products that were shiny toys. Yes, its sad he died, but its also sad the THOUSANDS ON THOUSANDS of other people died yesterday all over the world. A lot of them died younger, with more tragedy, with bigger families, and with less money to PAY themselves up the transplant list. It's the equivalent of the guy who plays ronald mcdonald dying. This was not a politician or a selfless man, put away your tissues and move on. Your emotions on this are embarrassing to the human race.

14. davecann2

Posts: 460; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

An iconi man has died. A man that almost everyone has heard of. Show some respect.

19. pyrothrax unregistered

Your an embarrasment if you cant show a little decent respect for even one person.. Sure a lot of people died on this day... sure they may not have a name or statur such as Steve had... but still this article is for thos e who know and knew him... so if your reading this show some respect... or go back to school and learn GMRC.... I bet you flunked that....

23. unbelievable.. unregistered

You sir, are a disgrace. At least show some respect or don't post at all.

11. Phullofphil

Posts: 1846; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

we need more people like him

10. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs, I know I don't like Apple's business practices, but the man was a genius. His idea's shaped the world we live in right now. Mobile is different because of him, granted tech always moves toward mobile, but he helped push ideas that made mobile a house hold name. Smartphones have been around forever, but he made them mainstream, not a nitch market or for just business. The man gave a lot to this world & I RESPECT him to the fullest.

9. Lwazi_N

Posts: 205; Member since: Jun 23, 2011

RIP, Steve Jobs, your legacy will always live.

15. 3D unregistered

Since he patented the shape of mobile devices, Apple will continue his legacy to take down any companies that is a major competitor to Apple.

8. rajau unregistered

He did great works for many years, God bless his soul.

7. hunted

Posts: 403; Member since: Sep 21, 2011

Miss you steve!!

6. davecann2

Posts: 460; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

I will remember Steve for the true visionary that he was and his accomplishments that led the revolution in both smart phone and PC worlds! He was a charismatic man who was a pleasure to watch on the stage. My thoughts and praiers go out to his family and friends.

4. Uzzelien

Posts: 131; Member since: Feb 22, 2011

So his legacy is over priced things that were already out and put i with it.

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