iPhone 6 rumors, Sony Sirius leaks, and Motorola's "$50 smartphone": weekly news round-up

iPhone 6 rumors, Sony Sirius leaks, and Motorola's
It is Monday once again – time to take a look back and review the most interesting stories from the past week. Can you guess what's in store today? Here's a hint – iPhone rumors. Yup, for the gazillionth time we're loaded with tips as to what Apple's next smartphone might have to offer. This time we're being told that, surprisingly, the iPhone 6 may have a larger screen. In fact, there might be two new iPhone models, one with a screen of 4.8 inches or so and another with a screen that's an inch larger. Of course, one should take these bits of info with a huge grain of salt, as the case usually is with all Apple-related rumors. 

In other news, it appears that Sony's next flagship smartphone has been leaked by an anonymous source. The Sony Sirius (just a codename, most likely) could come with front-facing stereo speakers and a camera with support for 4K video recording. It is believed that an official announcement of the phone could come as soon as next month.  

Now, all of the (yet-unannounced) phones we've mentioned so far are likely to be expensive. Motorola, however, could be working on something meant to stand at the opposite side of the price spectrum – a smartphone that could be as cheap as $50. Yet this is just a wild speculation at this time. As of now, no plans for the release of such a device have been announced by the company. Still, the hint is a hint.

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1. msa1988

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So you created a news story to tell us what news stories you've already published? Gee-thanks PA!

2. Sauce unregistered

He created a news story to tell us not to listen to his news story

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PA is the TMZ of phone news

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