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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Who has the better HTML5 support

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Who has the better HTML5 support
We've heard it many times already - "HTML5 is the future of the web" - sure, but no one can deny the fact that HTML5 is yet to be implemented widely. It's still more of an exotic feature that's used here or there to spice things up. However, no one can deny that it will eventually become ubiquitous either. The mobile browsers of our smartphones have had support for HTML5 for quite some time now, but as you probably know, HTML5 is not a single feature. It's actually quite a lot of stuff, and most of our browsers tend to support only certain parts of it.

So we thought: which is the better platform for real-world usage of HTML5? Is it the iPhone 5's Safari browser, or we'd actually get a better performance out of the Galaxy S III? We tried a number of random HTML5 websites and believe we've reached a precise conclusion about the current state of HTML5 support for both iOS and Android. Which one has the better HTML5 support? Watch our video and find out!

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