iPhone 15 owners at wits end about pesky issue updates haven't been able to solve

iPhone 15 owners at wits end about pesky issue updates haven't been able to solve
Overheating, battery drain, screen burn-in, crackling audio, and cosmetic defects are some of the problems that have already been reported by iPhone 15 owners. It now looks like the series also has Bluetooth issues.

MacRumors reports that several of its readers have reported that Bluetooth is spotty on the iPhone 15. Complaints can also be found on Reddit and Apple Community forums regarding the problem.

It looks like the issue has been present since the lineup was released in late September and has lingered since then. iPhone 15 owners say that the device won't stay connected to in-car systems and headphones.

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The Bluetooth connection randomly drops, resulting in a frustrating experience for anyone in the middle of a call or listening to audio on their headphones. Sometimes, a connection isn't even established. 

The bulk of the complaints come from iPhone 15 owners, with many of them saying that they didn't have this problem on older models. Commonly recommended fixes don't seem to work. Some customers were able to get their iPhone 15 and 15 Pro replaced, which indicates this might be a hardware problem and an update alone can't iron it out. Others were told that an update would take care of the issue and one user says that the problem went away recently, but that's not the case for everyone.

Some iPhone 14 owners say they have been experiencing Bluetooth issues since updating to iOS 17, so the latest iPhone operating system may be to blame. 

Either way, this is a frustrating issue, especially because iOS 17 has been out for some time and the problem has not been addressed. Hopefully, Apple will get to the root of the problem soon and provide more clarity as well as a permanent fix for it.

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