New iOS 14 features: How to pin conversations to the top of the iMessage list

New iOS 14 features: How to pin conversations to the top of the iMessage list
iOS 14 is now official! We’ve been excited to explore the new iOS 14 update and all the cool features that come with it. Alongside updated widgets and the possibility to add a default browser or mail app on your iPhone, Apple gives us more features to make the iPhone experience better.

A cool new feature Apple is introducing here is pinning conversations in the iMessage app.

Here’s how to pin a conversation to the top of your iMessage list in iOS 14:

  1. Find the conversation you want to pin
  2. Long-pressing on it will show you the option to pin it
  3. Tap on “Pin” and you’re done!
This new feature brings more order to your messages on your iPhone. If you happen to change your mind and you no longer want the conversation pinned to the top of the list, you can remove it:

  1. Long-press on the pinned conversation
  2. Tap on “Unpin”
This way, iMessage is getting more organized. Now, you don’t have to endlessly scroll through your conversations with your friends and family, hidden among random messages you have sent or received. You can now pin your most used conversations to the top of the iMessage list and have them easy to access.

There’s an alternative way to edit your pinned conversations too

You can do more than pin just one conversation. The edit mode allows you to pin and unpin conversation to your heart's desire.

  1. Navigate to iMessage
  2. In the right-hand corner of your screen, tap on the “Edit” button
  3. Tap on “Edit Pins”
  4. You’re going to be greeted by Apple’s jiggling icons, allowing you to remove a pinned conversation by tapping on the "-" sign
  5. You can also add new conversation to pin, you need to just tap on the Pin icon

Additional new features that you can enjoy with iOS 14 are App Clips, the App Library, organizing all your apps, the Picture-in-Picture option for multitasking while watching a video, new Memoji and a new Translate app. 

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