Huawei might be trying to beat Samsung to the 'Infinity-O' smartphone punch

Huawei might be trying to beat Samsung to the 'Infinity-O' smartphone punch
Originality is a fairly relative thing in today’s overcrowded and incredibly competitive smartphone industry. For instance, the iPhone X was technically not the world’s first “notched” handset, but one could definitely argue Apple started a trend that almost every single major Android device maker quickly followed.

Meanwhile, a number of OEMs, especially those based in China, tried to find clever ways around cutting out parts of their screens. Samsung approached the “bezelless” problem differently, formally embracing several types of notches before hoping to realize its “New Infinity Display” dream.

But now Huawei has a “point surprise” in the pipeline as well, and even though you might be inclined to call this a rip-off, you’ll want to remember the Galaxy A8s is technically not out yet.

In fact, if Twitter tipster @UniverseIce is correct, both the Infinity-O Display-sporting Samsung Galaxy A8s and this mysterious new Huawei phone are scheduled for a December release.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the Weibo account on which Huawei has just started teasing its first “hole-screen” handset is legit. Basically, the race is now officially on for who can deliver the world’s first phone with an in-screen camera cutout to global customers. But because it’s impossible to know which of the two companies came up with this concept first, the real question is who can do it better?

As a matter of fact, that would have been the most relevant thing even if we knew who thought about a “hole-screen” smartphone design first. And remember, this is a trend that the Galaxy S10 is also expected to adhere to, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised if Huawei unveils some sort of a mid-ranger or China-only flagship next month with an in-screen camera cutout, followed by a similarly designed P30 and P30 Pro in the spring of 2019.

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