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How to control the volume on Galaxy Buds Pro with touch gestures

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How to control the volume on Galaxy Buds Pro with touch gestures
Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless earbuds deliver not only great sound and battery life, but also come with a good number of customization options. You can access those, so long as you're running an Android smartphone or tablet and download the Galaxy Wearable app.

By default, the only way to change the volume while listening to music on the Buds Pro is to reach for your smartphone and use its volume controls. Alternatively, you could ask your voice assistant to change the volume. But what if you could make it so your phone didn't need to get out of your pocket at all? Wouldn't that add even more convenience to the already freeing, wireless Galaxy Buds Pro? Here's how you can change the volume with just Buds Pro touch controls!

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Step 1: Download the Galaxy Wearable app and run it

Chances are you already have it, especially if you've paired your new Galaxy Buds Pro with a Samsung tablet or smartphone, such as the Galaxy S21. If you don't have the app, simply head over to the Google Play store and download it. Or just use this link:

After downloading and launching the app, it may download additional software for the Buds Pro automatically, show you a quick tutorial on how to use them, then take you to its main screen.

Step 2: Tap on "Touch and hold", then "Volume down"

Now that you're in the Galaxy Wearable app, you can adjust plenty of things about your Galaxy Buds Pro, such as how music sounds or how strong active noise cancellation is.

But what we want to do first is tap on the "Touch and hold" option, which will let us change what the "touch and hold" gesture does for each earbud.

Next, simply tap on "Volume down", which should automatically also set "Volume up" for the other earbud.

Step 3: Enjoy your new volume touch controls

We're done! Feel free to go back to your home screen. Now when music is playing, you can simply press and hold your left earbud to gradually lower the volume, or press and hold the right one to raise it. You'll also get audio feedback each time you change the volume, so you'll know it's working.

And of course, don't forget that you can control pretty much everything else about your music via Galaxy Buds Pro touch gestures. Here are the other gestures you can use:

  • Tap to play and pause.
  • Double tap to play the next song or answer or end a call.
  • Triple tap to play the previous song.
  • Touch and hold to now change the volume.
  • Touch and hold both earbuds (3 seconds) to enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

Now you can enjoy your music on the Galaxy Buds Pro without needing to reach for your smartphone, which can simply stay in your pocket or charge nearby.

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