How thin can a foldable go? The Honor Magic V3 might break some records!

How thin can a foldable go? The Honor Magic V3 might break some records!
The Honor Magic V3 is apparently coming in the near future and this could turn out to be the thinnest foldable phone ever!

Currently, the company claims that their Honor Magic V2 (pictured above) is the world's thinnest inward-folding phone. It's both thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 at 9.9mm, 231g., so it's interesting how much thinner this can get!

On the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, there's a new post by the Honor account that claims big things (technically speaking – thin) are coming ahead with the Magic V3.

A machine translation of the social media post reads the following:

"Honor Magic V3 will raise the bar once again", the company team promises.

Apple is also rumored to release a thinner handset at a point in the future – we reported about a possible iPhone 17 Slim a few weeks ago. It's claimed that the iPhone 17 series will replace the current iPhone Plus variant with the iPhone 17 Slim, which will carry a slimmer design.

For those anticipating the iPhone Slim to be a new flagship model, there are some considerations to keep in mind. If the iPhone Slim is as thin as expected, it likely won't offer an increase in battery life. The battery in the iPhone Slim probably won't last as long as the one in the iPhone 16 Plus.

The Plus models are known for their long battery lives. However, the slim design of the iPhone Slim, which might attract some buyers, could also necessitate a smaller battery, potentially discouraging some consumers.

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