Higher Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max prices leak

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Higher iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max prices leak
Apple may be raising its flagship 2022 phone prices just like Samsung is rumored to do with the S22 Ultra. The prominent LeaksApplePro tipster claims that, while the iPhone 14 will keep its $799 price tag, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will land for $1199 (last year's Galaxy S21 Ultra price), while the smaller iPhone 14 Pro will go for the iPhone 13 Pro Max's $1099 price.

The reasoning behind Apple's reported 2022 iPhone price hike apparently is that it's just no longer warranted for the company to have a mere $100 price difference between the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro, given the all-new design and extra upgrades in the Pro models. Currently, there is a $200 price differentiation between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and Apple obviously intends to keep it that way.

Expect higher average iPhone 14 series price in 2022

The Pro models will be the ones with the under-display Face ID dot projector and the elliptical punch hole that will house the selfie camera and the rest of the Face ID components, besides all of their other usual upgrades in terms of camera set, display features, and processing power. Here's the expected iPhone 14 series price list opposed to the iPhone 13 models' pricing:

  • 6.1" Apple iPhone 14: $799
  • 6.7" Apple iPhone 14 Max: $899
  • 6.1" Apple iPhone 14 Pro: $1099
  • 6.7" Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1199

As you can see, the iPhone 14 Pro models' pricing is bumped by a Benjamin here, and that will most likely be for the versions with a base 128GB storage, whereas the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is also expected to see a $100 price increase at launch, will allegedly be starting at 256GB of base storage this year. 

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In fact, the average price of the iPhone 14 series will be significantly increased compared to the iPhone 13 line, as it includes a $699 iPhone 13 mini model. If you want to buy all of the 2021 iPhone models, you'd need $3596, but if Apple's 2022 iPhone 14 price hike rumors hold water, you'd need $400 more to gather them all under one roof. 

Granted, there will be a unique Max model this time around that will offer a bigger display for much less money than the 14 Pro Max, but it will also cost more than the iPhone 13 at launch, while the iPhone 14 doesn't take the iPhone 13 mini price, but stays at the $799 tag of its predecessor, effectively raising all 2022 iPhone pricing across the board.

New iPhone 14 features and design that may result in higher prices 

As to what may be behind this increase, remains to be seen when Apple unveils the iPhone 14 series later this fall. New camera kits, faster processors, a 120Hz display for the iPhone 14 Max model, as well as the brand new punch-hole design of the Pro models are just a few 2022 iPhone upgrades we have heard about so far. 

Shoving the dot projector under the display with an invisible reflective punch hole surface above it, and piercing another pill-shaped opening with Samsung's exclusive OLED laser-cutting equipment will add significantly to the cost of the panel that Samsung charges, and lately that's been the most expensive part of an iPhone. There are rumors for a new selfie camera with wider lens, too, so the whole new frontal design is bound to add to the iPhone 14 Pro/Max assembly costs when compared to their predecessors, and Apple is not one to swallow such costs whole.

The source still warns that the potential iPhone 14 Pro models price hike is "under consideration" at Apple, so the company may ultimately decide to stay the course. Seeing how Samsung's flagship phone prices and product mix have been changing in the last few years, however, and given the rampant inflation all along the supply chain, we'd wager to guess that Apple will indeed add at least a Benjamin to its top 2022 iPhone pricing to offset its increased production and development costs.

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