HBO Max, Discovery+ to be merged into a single streaming platform

HBO Max, Discovery+ to be merged into a single streaming platform
It looks like Warner Bros. Discovery is determined to put the nail in the coffin for HBO Max. The giant announced plans to merge both services in the summer of 2023, but that comes with some massive budget cuts and layoffs.

The recent news that Batgirl has been scrapped after the movie was (almost) finished, pretty much sums up the changes Warner Bros. Discovery has in store for HBO Max. As many of you probably know already, HBO Max is heavily focused on movies and TV series, while Discovery is now mostly known for its reality shows from HGTV, Food Network and Discovery Channel.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that HBO Max and Discovery+ will be launched in the United States as a single service next year. According to JB Perrette, CEO and president of global streaming and games for Warner Bros. Discovery, the new streaming platform will combine the best elements of both services.

According to the company’s Q2 2022 earnings report, Discovery+ will be the core of the new platform, while HBO Max’s portfolio will be limited to Originals. Although the current catalog will be carried over, no new movies or TV shows will be made outside of the Originals offering. HBO Max had major performance issues during big releases, which convinced Warner Bros. Discovery to cut deep into the streaming service’s budget.

Warner Bros. Discovery reported a huge $3.4 billion net loss in Q2 2022, so the company is now trying to push Discovery+, its more successful service, to more customers, while cutting back on HBO Max productions or distribution deals. The new HBO Max + Discovery Plus changes will only affect customers in the United States.

In related news, AT&T announced it has reached a new agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery for the distribution of HBO Max, after the carrier removed the offering from its wireless plans back in June.

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