Google's latest feature will help you keep your Pixel phone from overheating

Google's latest feature will help you keep your Pixel phone from overheating
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It's no secret that phones, like most electronics, can overheat. Especially when you're using them outdoors under the hot sun. Google Pixel phones have built-in features to help combat this problem, but these come with their own drawbacks.

As noted in this report and according to Google, Pixel phones are designed to intelligently manage their own performance, and this includes regulating temperature. When the phone senses it's getting too hot, it automatically limits certain functions. This might mean slowing down charging speeds, turning off the camera's flash, or even partially disabling the internet connection. In extreme cases, the phone might even shut itself off to prevent damage.

But there's more that can be done to help. In a recent APK breakdown, a recent update to the Pixel's Device Health Services app (version 1.27) was discovered to introduce a new feature in development called "Adaptive Thermal." This feature monitors your phone's battery temperature and alerts you if it's getting too hot.

Burnt heatsink in a Pixel 6 Pro that died from overheating | Image credit — u/zybernau

If the temperature reaches a certain point, which happens to be about 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll get a notification that your phone needs to cool down. It will also pop up a "See care steps" button that when tapped will offer suggestions like avoiding direct sunlight or closing apps that use a lot of battery power. Additionally, it will tell you exactly what steps your phone will take in order to cool itself down.

Adaptive Thermal will then continue to check the battery temperature every five minutes. If it detects that the phone hasn't cooled down and reached a dangerously high temperature, the feature will warn you that the phone is about to shut down. 

While this feature hasn't been fully released yet, it's important to remember that your phone already has ways to keep itself cool. Even if you don't see the new alerts, following simple tips like avoiding direct sunlight and closing power-hungry apps can help prevent your phone from overheating.

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