Google's Circle to Search feature will soon scan barcodes and QR codes

Google's Circle to Search feature will soon scan barcodes and QR codes
Circle to search | Image credit — Google

Google is working on enhancing its Circle to Search feature with a new barcode and QR code scanning capability, according to a recent discovery in the Google app v15.25.32. This will give Circle to Search expanding functionality other than just identifying images on the screen.

Initially introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Circle to Search has expanded to other Samsung and Google Pixel devices. This latest development, while not yet widely available, is a significant step forward from the basic search results page that currently appears when users attempt to scan codes using Circle to Search.

The new feature offers a streamlined scanning experience. Once a code is scanned, a chip appears next to it, displaying the URL or a preview, simplifying further navigation. This convenient functionality is similar to what's already offered in Google Lens, making its integration into Circle to Search a logical progression.

Barcode scanning with Circle to Search | Images credit — Android Authority

This feature was manually activated and may not be widely available yet, but this first glimpse of it in action suggests a promising future for Circle to Search. The addition of barcode and QR code scanning capabilities could transform the way users interact with on-screen information, making it easier to access relevant content and resources.

It's worth noting that Circle to Search has been steadily expanding its reach and capabilities since its initial release. Android 15 has already made improvements in beta to improve the experience on foldable devices, adjusting the trigger to fit the unique positioning of the taskbar. Additionally, recent code findings allude to the fact that Circle to Search may be included within Google Lens itself, making the feature even more helpful.

This new finding, though, opens up new possibilities for how we interact with digital content. Imagine easily accessing product information by scanning a barcode on a webpage or quickly following a QR code link without needing to open a separate app. With this new capability, Circle to Search could become an even more valuable tool for users.

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