Google Weather improves its ten-day forecast

Google Weather improves its ten-day forecast
The Google Weather page isn't really an app and actually, it is part of the Google app. While you can still get a home screen shortcut for it, you'll notice that it has the Google app icon included. And yes, we will tell you how to have the shortcut added to the home screen of your Android phone. But first, the news. With version 12.25 of the Google app, the 10-day forecast on Google Weather now lists the date for each of the ten days on the Google Weather page.

Previously, the 10 days just showed the appropriate day of the week for each of the 10 days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). To avoid confusion, the 10 days start with the current day's forecast which is listed as "Today." Alright, that makes sense. And then we see the next 9 days following today's forecast which includes the day of the week, the date, a cartoon illustration of the forecast conditions, and that day's expected high and low temperature.

This should end any confusion that might come up when a user is going through the forecast for the days after a week has passed. For most people, this probably wasn't an issue even before Google decided to add the dates to the 10 day forecast. Still, it should make things a little easier when you're planning ahead. The updated 10 day forecast with the complete daty and date does appear on my Pixel 6 Pro running the latest Android 15 beta.

To have the Google Weather shortcut appear on your home screen, open the Google app on your Android phone. In the search bar, type in Weather, and a smaller version of the Google Weather page will appear. To the right of the word "Weather," you will see a three-dot menu icon. Tap on it and a popup menu will appear titled "About this result." The menu will allow you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperatures and it will also allow you to "Add to homescreen." Tap on it and you'll have the Google Weather shortcut added to your home screen.

Google really should create a dedicated weather app for Android devices that can be installed from the Google Play Store. There are third-party weather apps that you might consider installing from the Play Store such as The Weather Channel app and AccuWeather. Besides current weather and forecasts, both apps also offer a free look at the radar in your area.

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