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Google does it again, sending a buyer ten Pixel 4 units by mistake

Google does it again, sending a buyer ten Pixel 4 units by mistake
Stop us if you think you've heard this one before. As a result of a baffling customer service blunder on Google's part, one unsuspecting Pixel buyer ended up with a carton full of premium smartphones on his doorstep, according to the hilarious description of the unusual event posted on Reddit.

If you're wondering what year it is, it's still 2020, you haven't been able to go back in time and warn everyone about the dangers of eating undercooked bat soup, but somehow, Google has done it again. The difference between what recently happened to "timias55" and "Cheetohz's" ridiculous adventure last year trying to return a single Pixel 3 unit in exchange for a refund is that a Pixel 4 was in fact wanted this time around.

But instead of simply receiving the one black device ordered from the US Google Store at a massively discounted price of $499 (plus tax), the hero of our latest story concerning workplace incompetence got the aforementioned (and below-pictured) carton containing no less than ten beautiful, brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged Pixel 4s.

For a fleeting moment, "timias55" confesses he considered keeping all ten phones for himself, which would have been the equivalent of winning the lottery with a ticket of $499 (plus tax).

But after consulting with an "angel on his shoulder", as well as his wife, the man decided to do the right thing and send the excess handsets back. Or at least he tried to, because Google's customer service purportedly messed up a second time (third if we count last year's fiasco), misunderstanding the situation and initially listing just eight devices on the tracking slip of the return package.

A separate tracking slip was therefore needed to account for the ninth excess Pixel 4 unit after "timias55" contacted Google yet again. Talk about not being able to take a hint and accept an unofficial token of Big G's gratitude for this unnamed man's refreshing honesty and impressive scrupulousness. Let's just hope the Pixel 4 that remains in the man's possession will not prove to be defective anytime soon as a cruel twist of fate. 

At the same time, we can't help but think someone, somewhere experienced a similar situation and decided not to come clean, retaining the extra devices. After all, if this sort of thing has happened twice (that we know of), who's to say it hasn't happened three or four times? Is someone on the inside sabotaging Google? Is Google doing this on purpose to artificially inflate the weak sales numbers of its Pixel lineup? So many questions, none of which should be taken very seriously of course.

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