Google Play Store rolls out new remote app uninstallation feature

Google Play Store rolls out new remote app uninstallation feature
Google has discreetly unveiled a feature that Android users have been anticipating: the ability to uninstall apps remotely from other devices. This long-awaited functionality finally lets users manage the apps across all their connected devices directly from the Google Play Store.

To access this feature, users simply need to open the Google Play Store and navigate to "Manage apps and device." Under the "Manage" tab, a list of all connected devices will appear. Selecting a device will then display all the apps installed on it, allowing the user to choose which ones to uninstall.

This remote app uninstallation feature offers a new level of convenience and control. For instance, if you accidentally installed an app on your tablet but meant to install it on your phone, you can now easily remove it from your tablet without having to physically access it. Similarly, if you're running low on storage on a device, you can quickly free up space by uninstalling unused apps from the Play Store. In the screenshots below, you can see I was able to successfully uninstall an app installed on my Chromebook (shown as "Google Nissa") from my Google Pixel Fold.

Images credit: Phone Arena

Android Authority first reported on this hidden feature last year. However, it appears that Google has now officially launched it for all users. This is a welcome update, as it streamlines the app management process and makes it easier to keep track of apps across multiple devices.

The rollout of this new feature is yet another example of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience on Android. While it may seem like a small change, it has the potential to make a big difference for those who own multiple Android devices.

As Google continues to refine and enhance its Play Store, users can look forward to even more convenient and user-friendly features in the future. For now, the ability to uninstall apps remotely is a welcome addition that's sure to be appreciated by many.

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