Google is definitely, maybe working on a high-end Pixel Tablet Pro

Google is definitely, maybe working on a high-end Pixel Tablet Pro
Are you excited about that first-of-a-kind Pixel Tablet Google briefly showed off for the first time all the way back in May ahead of a commercial debut (vaguely) slated for 2023? As it turns out, we might not be dealing with at a one-of-a-kind device here after all, as an even more mysterious Pixel Tablet Pro seems likely to see daylight next year as well.

Of course, given that this is a highly unpredictable company when it comes to product launches, we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves. The only sure thing is that the search giant is internally testing some software for both "PixelTangor" and "PixelTangorPro" devices, and seeing as how the former codename is widely believed to designate the already unveiled teased "regular" Pixel Tablet, the latter can only be a Pro variant of the same gadget.

It obviously remains to be seen if this Pixel Tablet Pro will indeed materialize... sooner or later, and naturally, the same goes for every single one of its key specifications and features.

The non-Pro Pixel Tablet, remember, is expected to sport a relatively high-resolution display measuring around 11 inches in diagonal, thus going (more or less) directly up against Samsung's vanilla Galaxy Tab S8. That makes us suspect a Pixel Tablet Pro might go after the 12.4-inch Tab S8+ or even the 14.6-inch Tab S8 Ultra with a similarly gargantuan screen while presumably packing a second-gen or, if it ends up arriving late enough, third-gen Tensor processor.

A new "Charging Speaker Dock" designed to bring together the best of both the tablet and smart display worlds is clearly meant as a key Pixel Tablet selling point, and although it's far too early to predict this, something tells us the accessory will be made to support the Pixel Tablet Pro as well. 

That's just about everything we're ready to speculate for the time being, but if Google is indeed only now beginning to seriously explore the possibility of a Pixel Tablet Pro release, we'd expect a lot more (concrete) information to surface over the next few months or so.

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