Google's Pixel Tablet is moving one (small) step closer to its 2023 release with these specs in tow

Google's Pixel Tablet is moving one (small) step closer to its 2023 release with these specs in tow
As exciting as Google's October 6 event headliners might look to a lot of smartphone and smartwatch fans (both on paper and in surprisingly revealing teaser videos and other official marketing materials), we're fairly certain at least a few of our devoted readers are curious to know more about the Pixel Tablet as well.

(Vaguely) unveiled several months back alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro handsets and the Pixel Watch, Google's first Android slate in seven years (!!!) may or may not get detailed in a couple of weeks ahead of a still-distant 2023 commercial debut.

Either way, its puzzle pieces are starting to (rapidly) fall into place (at least unofficially), with a bunch of missing sensors and capabilities reported a few weeks ago, followed by a visual leak of a pivotal accessory, and now several key specifications purportedly disclosed by an increasingly reliable (and prolific) source.

According to developer and not-a-leaker Kuba Wojciechowski (in collaboration with 91mobiles), the Pixel Tablet is set to come... eventually in 128 and 256GB storage configurations. Knowing how Google normally operates, you probably won't be able to expand that local digital hoarding room with a handy microSD card, but given the previously speculated limitations of this 11-incher, we're pleasantly surprised by the alleged existence of a 256 gig model.

That's right, the Pixel Tablet also has a rumored screen size attached to its name, although in lack of a pixel count and refresh rate number, it's hard to say if this is envisioned as a Galaxy Tab S8 and iPad Pro 11 rival or not.

Of course, the first-gen Tensor chip whispers and especially the (rumored) lack of GPS support, cellular connectivity, and even proximity and barometer sensors strongly suggest the 11-inch (or, to be specific, 10.95-inch) Google Pixel Tablet will be a different machine altogether.

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What we're almost certainly looking at here is a rather basic and presumably affordable Android slate primarily intended for home use together with a smart display dock. This jumbo-sized Nest Hub Max replacement of sorts should offer blazing fast Wi-Fi 6 support and possibly see daylight sometime next spring.

Because the tablet/smart home product has reportedly entered the "engineering validation test" stage of its development, the external design already showcased by Google and these rumored specs are now unlikely to be changed.

But internal tests, "design validation tests", and mass production are all still set to follow, which means a commercial release is not exactly right around the corner just yet. 

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