Check out these leaked images of the Google Pixel Tablet and its Charging Speaker Dock

Check out these leaked images of the Google Pixel Tablet and its Charging Speaker Dock
Tablets play an essential part in the world of mobile tech, which is why many of the manufacturers that are know for their phones, like Apple and Samsung, have their own large slab of screen to offer to their customers. One big name in the tech industry, however, had been lacking in that department — Google.

2022 was the year in which we found out for certain, though, that Google will be releasing its own tablet dubbed the Google Pixel Tablet during the company's annual Google I/O event in May. The search giant teased its upcoming tablet again at its more recent Made by Google event too, when it announced some of its other mobile devices like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and another first in its arsenal — the Pixel Watch.

Now, a well-known and reputable leaker going by the nickname ShrimpApplePro on Twitter has shared images of a "pre-release" Google Pixel Tablet alongside the new Charging Speaker Dock that that's meant to work with it.

The images showcase Google's tablet in what seems like its default screen after being set up for the first time. Some of the company's most popular and essential apps, like Chrome, Gmail, Photos, the Google Play Store, Messages, and YouTube are presented at the bottom of the display, with those on the far right being recommendations. On the fat left there is a widget for Search. Then on top of the first row there are the Camera and Maps applications.

On the image where the screen is showing the Pixel Tablet's settings we can see that this particular model has 256GB of storage. On the left you can also see the Battery tab, which is saying that there is 70% charge left, which according to the image translates into approximately 16 hours of use.

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As for the Charging Speaker Dock, it looks almost identical to the one that is attached to the Google Nest Hub Max, as 9to5Google points out. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be completely the same in terms of audio quality, but the chances are that would be the case.

Google has stated it will release the Pixel Tablet sometime in 2023, although that's about it when it comes to the timeline. There are no further specifics given, so stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as new information comes to light!

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