These Pixel 4a vs Pixel 5G size renders aim to bring order into the Google Pixel 2020 chaos

These Pixel 4a vs Pixel 5G size renders aim to bring order into the Google Pixel 2020 chaos
If you thought the Google Pixel 2020 series is getting more like a soap opera, what with the numerous Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 models bandied about, you are not alone. First we were going to have two Pixel 5 models, then one, then two again with a 5G on top, or three Pixel 4a versions, then two, now one again, what gives?

Well, the truth is that Google may have been adjusting its strategy along with prolonging the release timeframe schedule from May through July to now August 3 which the latest rumor pegs as the Pixel 4a announcement and release date.

To pour some order into the Pixel 2020 rumor mill chaos, the leakster with the most stellar track record Steve Hemmerstoffer aka @onleaks, has used his infamous CAD darwing sources to render all four new Pixel models expected this year.

If that still seems confusing, it's because it is, and only Google knows what and when it will finally release. Or does it? In any case, we are looking at low- to mid-range models this year, with potential Snapdragon 768G for the Pixel 5G and a lowly Snapdragon 730 for the Pixel 4a that will allegedly be a 4G/LTE device only.

This also jibes with the leaked code names of Google's upcoming Pixels, as found in its own Camera app code. In version 7.3 of the Google Camera app, code parsing found references to "sunfish," "redfin," and "bramble," referring to upcoming Pixel models. The chipsets that will power Google's 2020 generation of Pixels were listed there as well. "Sunfish" is built around the lowly "sm7150" platform, or Snapdragon 730, referring to the Pixel 4a model.

"Redfin" and "bramble" will be based on "sm7250," or the new Snapdragon 765 midrange chipset that has Qualcomm's first built-in 5G modem, so the two Pixel 5 models running on the much cheaper alternative to Snapdragon 865 would have a 5G modem, while the 4a won't. This is tangentially confirmed now by the IMDA listing that shows the G025A device to have 3G/4G connectivity only.

Now, where does that leave the eventual non-5G Pixel 5 models depicted here? Remains to be heard, but if the rumors flying around are any indication, Google might be shooting for market share this time around, hence releasing versions with midrange processors, rather than the top-shelf 8-series by Qualcomm.
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