Google Maps update fixes issue with key feature

Google Maps update fixes issue with key feature
With an app that so many people rely on such as Google Maps, any issue or bug that prevents any features of the app from running smoothly has to be fixed right away. Starting late last month, Google Maps users found themselves unable to create journeys with multiple stops on Android devices. Once you set up the first part of the journey on the app by having a starting spot and a destination, press the "+" button below the first destination and add another destination. You can add up to nine stops.

When the feature is working, a Google Maps user arriving at his initial destination taps on the button that says "Continue" and gets directions to the next location. However, the feature has not been working since late May and while the "Continue" button does appear on the screen, pressing on it doesn't do a darn thing. The only thing that users can do in this situation is to shut the Google Maps app and re-enter the next destination after reaching the last one.

None of the tricks tried by Google Maps users worked and per Autoevolution, once reports about this issue started to get posted on social media and other boards, Google started working on a solution and reportedly, it did come up with a fix that it disseminated through a Google Maps update to Android users. We know that the update has exterminated the bug because those who complained about the problem in online discussion groups are now saying that they can once again create and navigate journeys on Google Maps with multiple stops.

The version of Google Maps for Android that includes the fix is 11.131.0102 build 1067550236. To see which version of Google Maps is on your Android phone, go to Settings > Apps > See all xxx apps. Scroll down to Maps and tap on it. You should be on the App info page for Maps (which is Google Maps). Scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see which version of the app you are using. If you haven't received the update yet, it should be reaching your Android phone soon. As for iOS users using Google Maps, this is not an issue for them.

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