Google Gemini app for Android is now available on the Play Store

Gemini on app store
Gemini, the new chatbot from Google's large language model (LLM), is now available on Android devices, providing users with a direct and interactive way to engage with the AI. It is now available through the Google Play store as a standalone application, seamlessly integrating with the Google App.

It was leaked earlier this week that Bard, Google's web based chatbot, would complete its rebrand to the name "Gemini" this week, matching the name of its newest AI model. As part of the rebrand, a new Android app was also rumored to be in the works, in order to fully bring this integration across the Google ecosystem. This rebrand has been completed today, with both the Android app launching and the Gemini rebrand live on the web.

The launch of the app was tipped earlier today by Android expert Mishaal Rahman, with a link to the app on the Play Store. Not yet officially announced by Google, the app appears to be working in limited capacity at the moment, with some users receiving an error stating that "Gemini isn't currently available. Try again later." Based on this, it appears that access to the app rolling out server-side.

However, those that have gained access to the app have confirmed that once set up, you will be able to access Gemini either via the app icon, saying "Hey Google," or by long-pressing the power button, which invokes a Gemini overlay. This presents the option of replacing Google Assistant on your device if you so choose, however, it should be noted that Gemini does not currently offer all of the same functionality. According to Rahman's reporting based on his testing of the application, Gemini supports some Google Assistant features such as smart home device controls and setting alarms. Additionally, you can always switch back to Google Assistant in Gemini's settings.

The interface provides the ability to use text and text-image prompts, along with the convenient feature of capturing photos or screenshots directly. At the moment, only English is supported, but support for Korean and Japanese language will be available soon. Gemini is also available for iOS by tapping the "Gemini" button at the top of the Google app.

Although it has its own app, it's important to note that Gemini is not completely independent. Just like the Assistant and Lens "apps" on Google Play, it mainly functions as a convenient way to access the Gemini integration within the Google App. We will be adding more information on the Gemini app and its capabilities as we learn more and once Google makes an official announcement.

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