Google plans to tackle ChatGPT with its own Apprentice Bard

Google plans to tackle ChatGPT with its own Apprentice Bard
The amazing ChatGPT language AI is everywhere these days! People use it to write articles (this one may or may not have been written by the bot, ha!), compose songs, invent new recipes, solve mathematical equations, and, most importantly, get information on every topic imaginable.

Sounds familiar? That's what Google has been doing for decades, and unsurprisingly, the behemoth company is concerned about the future. So concerned that it's developing its own version of ChatGPT. According to CNBC, Google is currently testing several iterations of ChatGPT competitors after company CEO Sundar Pitchai declared "code red" and decided to accelerate Google's AI efforts.

The company aims to unveil at least 20 AI products this year, and some of them will engage in the battle of the bots with the almighty ChatGPT. One potential candidate for this battle is the so-called Apprentice Bard, a chatbot that uses Google's LaMDA conversation technology. CNBC's sources say that the LaMDA team has been asked to work on creating competitors to ChatGPT.

Last year, one employee from the said team made headlines after declaring the LaMDA chatbot sentient and getting fired shortly afterwards. We should expect Google to move at a more conservative pace, though. As Google AI chief Jeff Dean told employees during an all-hands meeting to discuss the company's response to ChatGPT, it's moving "more conservatively than a small startup."

That makes sense. ChatGPT includes a disclaimer that the bot may provide wrong information or harmful instructions, and it also has limited knowledge about the world after 2021. Google is a much more popular company, and a wrong answer or instruction could result in a massive scandal and dozens of lawsuits.

We can't wait to see Google's answer to ChatGPT, but in the meantime, we're looking at a potential career switch in the agricultural field or something with bartending involved.

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