Google Calendar will now know when an event was added from Gmail

Google Calendar will now know when an event was added from Gmail
Google Calendar is rolling out some handy new features that will change how events created from Gmail show up for you. This feature's gradual rollout began yesterday, so you might not see it show up right away.

A new event type called "fromGmail" will be introduced, making it easier to distinguish events created directly from your inbox from other entries on your calendar. This eliminates the guesswork when trying to remember if a particular meeting or appointment originated from an email. Additionally, instead of a vague "unknown organizer" label, these events will now clearly display the email recipient as the organizer. This seemingly small change brings much-needed clarity and organization to your calendar.

In terms of appearance, you may notice subtle changes to how events from Gmail are displayed in your calendar. There might be a handy link back to the original email, allowing you to quickly reference the details of the conversation. However, be aware that editing these events might have some limitations, as Google likely wants to preserve the integrity of the information contained in the initial email.

Credit: Google

According to the Google Workspace Blog, these updates are being gradually rolled out to all Google Calendar users within a window of about two weeks. So, if you haven't seen them yet, don't worry, they'll be there soon. Thorough documentation is also being made available for Developers who wish to take advantage of this API to integrate it into their apps.

Meanwhile, Google is continuing to refine and improve its suite of productivity tools. Whether you're a busy professional juggling multiple meetings or someone who simply wants to stay organized, these new Google Calendar features are sure to be a welcome addition. It's just another example of Google's ongoing efforts to seamlessly integrate its various products and enhance our overall user experience.

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