Galaxy Z Flip 5 camera: a slow and steady pace

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Galaxy Z Flip 5 camera: a slow and steady pace
The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is Samsung's latest clamshell-like foldable phone and contrary to previous years it seems to be the more progressive model out of the new foldable duo from the company. Unfortunately, however, we can't really say that the cameras on the Z Flip 5 contribute to its overall improvements, considering the lack of any new camera-related hardware.

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That being said, Samsung claims the new Qualcomm chipset has brought improvements on the software side of things, especially in the scenarios when artificial intelligence comes into play such as low light photography. Let's get into the nitty gritty of it.

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Galaxy Z Flip 5 camera upgrades

Okay, so no new camera hardware for the Galaxy Z Flip series in 2023. Do we have any upgrades at all? Well, if we look at it from a slightly different angle, the Z Flip 5does have new hardware — its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Processors can have a significant effect on the image quality a phone's cameras produce since it is where all the software magic happens. Samsung says that image processing is better, and after our review of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 we can confirm that there is a slightly higher level of detail, especially when shooting in darker conditions.

Samsung also seems to have tuned the color reproduction once again. What took us a bit by surprise though, was the significantly better digital zoom, which offers noticeably increased image quality compared to the predecessor.

Samsung also seems to have made one small adjustment to the camera UI, making it possible to adjust the tones of the colors straight from the camera, without having to go through settings and exiting live view.

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How many cameras does the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have?

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 has three cameras, with a wide and ultra-wide on the back and the selfie camera embedded in the main display that unfolds with the phone. No additional cameras with the new Z Flip this year, and probably for years to come.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 camera: How many megapixels is it?

No changes between the new Z Flip 5 and the Z Flip 4 from 2022 when it comes to their camera megapixels.

Here are all of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 cameras and their respective megapixel count:
  • main — 12MP
  • ultra-wide — 12MP
  • selfie — 10MP


So, this year we have yet another incremental step forward with the Galaxy Z Flip's camera system. Even though the Z Flip 5 does not have much new to offer in the camera department, that doesn't mean it is a bad performer. You will still get decent photos that are more than good enough for capturing memories and sharing them on socials.

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