Samsung's trade-in deal on the Galaxy Tab S9 makes it a brilliant choice for bargain hunters

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Samsung's trade-in deal on the Galaxy Tab S9 makes it brilliant choice for bargain hunters
Samsung is the king of trade-in deals, and what we’re about to show you is another testament to this statement. Right now, the official store offers its vanilla Tab S9 at a killer $650 off (with trade-in) on top of the $100 discount you get before trade-ins on the 8/128GB configuration.

To tell you the truth, sparing something like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to claim the maximum trade-in credit on the vanilla model from 2023 probably isn’t worthwhile. Then again, you can shave $500 off your new fancy tablet with high dust and water resistance even by sparing the Tab S8. Minimum trade-in credits (for Samsung’s products) are about $100. That might not seem too much, but it still lands the Samsung tablet at a much more bearable price.

The Galaxy Tab S9 is up to $750 off with a trade-in

Shoppers looking for their next Galaxy slate have an awesome chance to save big on the vanilla Galaxy Tab S9 with a suitable trade-in. The official Samsung store currently offers the 8/128GB version at $100 off, with an extra up to $650 available as an instant trade-in credit. Even with slates like the Galaxy Tab S8, you can shave an extra $500 off the Tab S9, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.
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$799 99
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As one of the best tablets on the market, the Galaxy Tab S9 has a lot to offer. It may be dubbed a vanilla slate, yet it’s anything but ordinary. This bad boy has a gorgeous screen 11-inch screen. Unlike the Tab S8, it uses a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel instead of an LCD one. The contrast is superb, the frame refresh rate is snappy (up to 120Hz), and the colors are rich and vivid — what more could you ask for?

The device is just as impressive under the hood. It gets its raw horsepower from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; the same processor is used in the whole lineup. As you can see via our review, this bad boy is considerably more powerful than Google’s first-ever Pixel Tablet. With Samsung DeX and such an efficient and fast processor, anything is possible on the Tab S9.

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Support-wise, the slate arrives with Android 13 out of the box and is set to receive Android 17 as a final OS update, plus security patches until 2028. Combine this with an 8,400mAh battery and 45W charging speeds, and you can see why this tablet is indeed exceptional. Here are our two cents: if you like what it puts to the table and can spare an old tablet, take advantage of Samsung’s offer right away.

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