Galaxy Ring could have a built-in "Lost mode" with blinking light to help you find it

Galaxy Ring could have a built-in "Lost mode" with blinking light to help you find it
Samsung fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the Galaxy Ring now have a tiny bit of news to chew on. The smart ring, still shrouded in secrecy, may offer loss prevention and security features that could set it apart from its main rival, the Oura Ring.

An APK teardown conducted by the folks over at Android Authority of the updated Samsung Find app, the tool that helps users locate their misplaced Galaxy devices, hints at a feature dubbed "Lost Mode." This feature could be a game-changer for those prone to misplacing their tech, or jewelry, or in this case, both.

According to the code strings, users may be able to activate Lost Mode through the app. If the ring goes missing, the app could potentially trigger a blinking light embedded in the ring, making it easier to find. The app would also provide feedback on whether the light is blinking or if it's unable to connect with the ring.

Credit: Android Authority

Lost Mode could offer an additional layer of security by allowing users to lock their Samsung accounts from the app. This would prevent unauthorized access to the ring and any personal information linked to it.

As noted by the source, this potential feature is a stark contrast to the Oura Ring's approach to loss prevention. If an Oura Ring is lost, it enters Restricted Mode when paired with a new device, prompting the user to perform a factory reset. This reset erases recent data, but retains historical data from before the last sync.

While the exact timing of the Galaxy Ring's release remains a mystery, rumors suggest a significant Samsung launch event on July 10th. Whether this event will unveil the Galaxy Ring and its potential Lost Mode feature is yet to be seen. But one thing is clear: Samsung seems to be focusing on making the Galaxy Ring a more secure and user-friendly option for those who want to track their health and wellness without the worry of losing valuable data.

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