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Samsung's Android 10 updates hit the Good Lock One UI customization app

Samsung's Android 10 updates hit the Good Lock One UI customization app
Samsung's Good Lock project that lets you sideload features and options to its One UI interface, has been a godsend ever since Samsung pushed it to the Play Store and allowed us to enrich the Galaxy or Note gesture navigation systems. That's not the only thing going for the Good Lock app, though.

On the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+, for instance, Samsung went with an ultrathin top bezel and the so-called "hole-in-active-area" design. For the surprise of many an S10 buyer, however, that also means that the LED light that used to bring us visual notifications about charging status or missed calls and messages in the Galaxy S9, was also gone.

Granted, there is a light ring animation around the in-display front camera area when you do face recognition and such, but it didn't serve the all-important purpose. While we hoped that Samsung may choose and use it for other notifications with an update, and we asked if it intends to do so, it couldn't confirm anything at the time.

What it did, however, was to update its experimental Good Lock app with the EdgeLighting+ plugin that spruced up the available EdgeLighting options. Chief among the new features there was the mimicry of notification light that can be achieved with the OLED display animation around the hole-in-display front cameras of the S10e, S10 or S10+.

Good Lock carries other good stuff, though, like the One Hand Operation + add-on for Samsung phones that let you assign side-swiping gestures to do a variety of things, including to serve as your back key. Not only that, but you can swipe straight, diagonally, or do a long swipe, and each of these gestures will do a new trick, for one complete navigational experience right under your thumbs. No stretching.

The Android 10 update for Samsung's Good Lock app on Galaxy S10 or Note 9 and 10 is finally released

Well, if you have been waiting with bated breath for Samsung to release the Good Lock app update for One UI 2.0, as it landed with Android 10 on your Galaxy S10, Note 10 or even Note 9, it's your lucky time. You can hit the link here to get it on your fresh and updated phone, and it will give you immediate access to the following goodies to improve on the already great One UI 2.0 experience:

Support a dark theme.
Follow the OneUI 2 principle.
Change to new format of profile information a app.
Show a splash screen of GoodLock app.

QuickStar (Android 10 only)
Refine quickpanel coloring and improve visibility.
Support the central position of the clock (excluding Hole or Notch assignments).

Add Vertical Stack layout.
Provides an internal VI Queue to distinguish the quick switch from the gesture.

Add menu for customizing the NotiStar handler on the lock screen.

MultiStar (Android 10 only)
Run the selected app quickly with a split screen or a pop-up menu, with tap and hold of the Recent button.
Resize a gesture area for the pop-up view action.
Even if you delete the app from the recently used app, you can set it to maintain the specific app.
When the pop-up view is closed, it remembers the last location and helps it run there again.
Multi-sound moves to Sound Assistant app.

Available to create a theme for dark mode.
Select the color manually instead of its automatic extraction.

One Hand Operation+
Available to add additional auxiliary handler.
Additional features within the Quick Toolbar (like Mobile data, game booster).
Support the home screen shortcut function.
Add vibration feedback settings.
Pick the color of the animation.

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