Future Apple Watch band may be able to change color to match your outfit or show a notification

Future Apple Watch band may be able to can change color to match your outfit or show a notification
Remember mood rings? What about an Apple Watch mood band? Or something like that? Well, it seems Apple may be researching how to make future Apple Watch bands change color, reports AppleInsider. A newly-granted patent submitted with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) describes how an Apple Watch band may be able to change color by itself.

Future Apple Watch may be able to change its band color by itself

Okay, rather than buying different watch bands to go with different outfits, you may be able to just have your Apple Watch band color-coordinate itself with your clothes, or change its color to show you a notification. At least that is what Apple is looking into, judging from a new patent.

The patent is named "Watch Band With Adjustable Color". It describes how a user may want to change the color of a watch band without having to buy a separate watch band for a different outfit. The patent describes the idea by talking about Watch bands with "electrochromic features". This basically means an applied voltage could cause a variety of colors or color combinations on a single band.

For that to work, the watch band itself has to be made from a fabric woven from filaments, as Apple describes in the patent. Pretty futuristic, if you ask us!

These filaments can include electrochromic features, and one or more of them can include a conductor. Putting all ultra-nerdy talk about conductors and electrochromic layers aside, it seems that voltage can be used to make the band change its color.

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Also, the changing color band can come in handy to alert the user for notifications. But that's not as simple as it initially sounds - Apple also describes that patterns can be displayed on the band, such as icons, shapes, or even text!

All this sounds pretty fancy, but as patents go, you should know that not always a granted patent means an imminent release of the said tech. It may never see the lights of production, or it may in the future but... the thing is, it is unknown at the moment. However, all this does manage to sound fancy, and frankly - you can save plenty of money if you don't have to buy different watch bands for different occasions.

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