Four ways to keep it safe in ColorOS 14: notification hiding and more

Four ways to keep it safe in ColorOS 14: notification hiding and more
Here are four suggestions from Oppo on staying safe with the help of ColorOS 14 – after all, your phone packs a lot of sensitive data (like personal and financial information).

Picture Keeper

  • It's a feeling like no other when a supermarket's app begs your permission to access your photos and videos. If you need to grant a given app such a permission, but you're uncomfortable with the app having access to your galleries in their entirety, you can handpick which files are accessible.

Auto Pixelate

  • Screenshots are great, but sometimes, they can reveal a little too much. For example, if you want to screenshot a conversation from a given chat, but don't want to reveal the other party's profile pic and username, you can do so automatically.

Smart Notification Hiding

  • If the thought of lending your phone to a friend makes you nervous, or if you're concerned about prying eyes spying on your private notifications, you can breathe easy knowing this feature is designed to protect your privacy. Activating this function adds an extra layer of security against inquisitive onlookers, particularly useful while you're out and about.

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2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

  • If you really need to beef up your security, there's 2FA. Simply put, in addition to your regular password, you'll also need a code from an authenticator app to log in to your accounts. It's an extra layer of protection to prevent hackers or whoever from accessing your private info.

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