Facebook introduces new moderation tools for creators

Facebook introduces new moderation tools for creators
In an attempt to keep its creators content, Facebook launched a new set of controls to help them easily moderate comments. In addition, the social network will release a webinar series on how to stay safe on Facebook, as well as live chat support tests to troubleshoot account issues.

The new comment moderation controls will allow creators to block a user and new accounts they create. Also, they will be able to hide comments with one click via the new hide action now available next to each comment.

Furthermore, Facebook added to option to automatically hide comments with variations of words that use numbers, symbols, or different spellings. A new Moderation Assis test will be run in the coming weeks to make it easier to set criteria to automatically moderate comments on posts. During the test, creators will be able to select from a list of rules to automatically hide certain types of comments on their posts such as comments with links, images, and more.

Creators who use Facebook Live will be getting more comment moderation tools including profanity keyword blocking tools, suspending/banning controls and stronger comment controls. The company will also start testing Facebook Live community moderation so creators can name a specific viewer to moderate comments on their behalf.

Starting this week, Facebook is testing a service that provides support through live chat for English-speaking creators in the United States who don’t have a manager from Meta assigned to them to help with questions.

For the first time ever, Facebook announced it has started testing live chat help for some English-speaking users globally, including creators, who’ve been locked out of their accounts. The testing is done through the Facebook main app.

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