Black Friday is here with Visible and offers a new iPhone SE or a Google Pixel 7 with up to $400 off!

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Black Friday is here with Visible and offers a new iPhone SE or a Google Pixel 7 with up to $400 off
Black Friday is almost here and there are deals abound! Are you looking for a new carrier and a new smartphone? These awesome deals from Visible might be just what you need, but keep in mind – they are active only until November 29.

iPhone SE (2022) now $400 OFF via Visible

The iPhone SE is compact, 5G-ready, and supports wireless charging. If you hurry and join Visible by November 29, you will not only get a 100$ discount but a $300 gift card too!

Google Pixel 7 Pro $400 OFF from Visible

The Pixel 7 Pro is bigger both literally and in terms of refresh rate and battery. Right now, it's on offer for $100 less from Visible, as long as you join before November 29, and can even get you a $300 gift card!

Google Pixel 7 now $400 OFF via Visible

The Pixel 7 is Google's latest flagship phone, which comes with a slew of Pixel-exclusive features. If you are planning to join Visible by November 29, this device is $100 Off and will get you a $300 gift card!

Google Pixel 6a now $400 OFF when joining Visible

The Pixel 6a is a budget phone from Google, equipped with a 4,410mAh battery and a 6,1" OLED display. If you join Visible by November 29, it's at $100 OFF, and can get you a $300 gift card too!

The offerings from Visible consist of several deals, which offer three Pixel devices and the latest iPhone SE with a $100 discount. While that may not seem much, switching to Visible and getting one of these phones will also grant you a $300 gift card for use with retailers such as Amazon or BestBuy.

What phones are included in Visible’s Black Friday deal?

The iPhone SE from 2022 is on offer. As you may know, this is Apple’s version of a budget phone. Its aesthetic calls back to the iPhone 6, but beneath the hood, it’s equipped with Apple’s impressive A15 chip, so it performs fast and its camera is great for its price.

Visible has also got three different Pixel offerings from Google for you:

  • The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the latest big brother to their main flagship. A bigger screen, a bigger battery, an extra telephoto camera, and a macro mode are just some of the features that it has when compared to it’s smaller counterpart.
  • The Pixel 7 is more compact when compared to the Pro, but it still packs a punch. With the device being made by Google themselves, it comes with exclusive features such as unblurring photos or erasing unwanted elements in them via AI.
  • The Pixel 6a is the latest phone in Google’s a-series, which are budget versions of Pixel phones. And it’s one of the fastest Android budget offerings on the market, with impressive camera performance to boot. At a discount - it’s a great bargain!

Overall, all of the devices offered by Visible in this Black Friday deal are great picks, and at least one of them is bound to match your lifestyle. You’ve got two options for budget phones in the face of the iPhone SE and the Pixel 6a, and you’ve got your choice of a standard and pro model Android flagship with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

What are the details of Visible’s Black Friday deal?

Some details as to Visible’s deal are important, so here’s everything you’ll need to know:

  • All of these offers are only active until November 29
  • The phones retain their $100 discount, regardless if you switch to Visible or not
  • To get your $300 gift card, you need to switch to a Visible from an eligible carrier
  • You will get your $300 gift card after completing 3 full months of service payments
  • The gift card code will be sent to you via Email
  • The gift card in question can be redeemed for use with a wide range of retailers

Now that being said, Visible is also offering a nice bonus for those of you, who’ve set their sights at the Visible+ plan. On checkout, you can use the code 15OFF to get $15 a month off during your first 3 months with the carrier.

Is Black Friday the best time to upgrade my phone?

Absolutely! We’re seeing great deals left and right, and doing our best to report all of them to you. But the event itself isn’t live yet and is set to go off this Friday, November 25, so make sure to check back with us then for the best live deals.

Early Black Friday deals that you shouldn’t miss out on:

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